Sunday, February 14, 2010

i cant believe it

hiie. happi CNY =] and happi valentines dae. todae i went to grandparents house and amelia's house, saw amelia and jordan. had a great time with them.

amelia, ur realli a great friend of mine. ur always there for miie whenever
i nided eu. though we are not in th same school. eu seem to know wats happening
in my life. ur were always th one there to support and encourage. the one
who give miie a hand when i needed one. eu knw when i am seriously happi and
when i was faking it... thnx for beening my friend...
hope we can be friends for the rest of our lives=]
i cant believe it. tis year valentines dae eu wasnt there for miie. when
cant we be like amelia and jordan. they nvr seem to quarrel. eu missed out all
the fun. eu dun seem to miss us at all... why?? cant eu explain urself before eu
leave?? are eu reallly so desperate to leave here?? isnt there anything here eu
would miss???

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