Monday, March 21, 2011

laziness is my middle name.

Hey! It's monday! The first day of term 2. sigh. nth much. practice taking bus to school myself today FOR THE FIRST TIME! \m/ haha. (: really bored. && the stuppid ZengYong, go post my unglam picture on FACEBOOK!!!!! fuck him. >.< i'm getting him in school tmr. his SOOOOO dead.... sigh. nth much. gonna continue with my left over hols hwk. toodles~

-aq ^^


Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm only give this ONE chance.

Hey! It's sunday! The last day of my March hols. sigh. Manage to finish my first draft for the english summary. Thn went to do the rock candy for Yvonne (: nth much really. (: Mummy confiscated my phone == but she's quite clever. she knows i nid the phone or she cant contact me. So she give me my sim card and a DAMN OLD phone == She say i'll have to use this phone till my dad comes home this may== fuck her. That's like 2 months??? Zzz... sigh. But a gd thing is. IF i do well for my mid yr exams. which means only As && Bs. and MAXIMUM 1 C for my english. thn i get to choose if i want get a iphone 4 or wait till iphone 5 is out and ask my dad buy one for me (: BTW, daddie's coming home PERMANENTLY!!! He got promoted && transferred back to SG's branch! AWESOME!!!! (: Even godma is taking a break from a trip!!!! AWESOME!!! (: haha. feel damn happy lol. but, once daddy is back, i'll have to go home myself leh == no more car... sigh. but tats fine with me. cas at least my dad is back (: hehe. so damn excited can?? I even know what i wanna do when my dad comes home. we'll go ikea tgt && redecorate my study room. nail up some of our picture frames. Go universal studio tgt. Go have SO much fun!!! haha. kk. enough with this future planning, in case ur get bored :P nth much happen over the hols lol. i know... my life is kind of boring. but what do eu expect from a 14++ old teenage girl ?? haha. thats what my fren said when her 20 yr old coz told her , her life is boring. maybe i shud learn?? I'm currently in the stage of planning a rebel to surprise my mum on mother's day. Afterall, she DESERVES A SHOCK OF HER LIFE. dun she? *grins* kk. thats all. gonna go pack my bag & get ready for sch tmr (: toodles~

P.S i'm rather successful in learning to forgive...
but still trying my best at the forgetting part :P


Monday, March 14, 2011

Super moon tonight!

Hey! Didnt post at all during this march hols. too lazy :P haha. got my report book last last friday (: Didnt do that well.
English - C5 ( expected )
Chinese - A1
Additional Mathematics - A1
Elementary Mathematics - A1
Chemistry - C5
Biology - C6
Humanities ( SS, Lit ) - A1.
L0ls. mummie didn't comment much on my results, just give me that " watch out " look. Daddy just ask me to work harder on my sciences and maintain the rest of my results (: Have been taking up chemistry tuition lately, kind of good? As in, i can actually understand what my tuition teacher is talking && i'm starting to get a hand of it?? So it's awesome (: nth much, had 2 sleepovers during the hols. awesome, fun, indescribable. (: Still haven't finish all my hwk though. Still left with hey maths && English summary. sigh. gonna start my English summary now. My rock candy's okay... not very successful though. but shud be able to at least get a pass? haha. gonna do my hwk now. toodles~


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Massive M.C

nth much to post about today.
Massive M.C
Massive headache too.
Tmr's sch day.
try see if got time, if can use com, thn will update on today.
thats all.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm in a bad mood.

hey! Yesterday didn't post cas got no time :P ugh. suffering now. had M.C for the whole day today/ stupid. damn bad mood now. so nobody bother me! nth much really. When for tuition today. typical. Came home, did nth besides watch TV. watched 《面包王》。 Borrowed the disc from mummie's friend. finished till episode 20 only. still got 10 more episodes. sigh. think i'll finish them tmr (: gonna go sleep after posting (: Thats about all for today.
Had p.e first period. played floor ball, nth else. chemistry was well, boring && confusing. typical :P Thn we had recess, was changing seats with Kevin, i wanna sit outside. inside is hot && cannot concentrate too. Thn we had e maths, did a bit more of inequalities && did filing. oh shit. haven't file my worksheets yet. nvm. do them tmr. :P Thn we had a maths. went to com lab to use the computer to use the software, graphmatics. l0l. keep changing com labs cas some com dun have the software. == FTC. thn thats all, after sch when to hougang pt to have lunch @ mac donalds with clique. Thn bought 3 packets of straw, red, blue && green. finished 2 packets le! only left red :P used them to fold hearts && stars. learned to make star from Kevin (: Cant believe his the kind that's damn Gd at hand crafts? he was like saying, make these kind of things can save $$ next time , when getting his gf gifts. == damn cheapskate la boys. nth much really. kind of tired, gonna go sleep leh. toodles ~ (:


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm omly left with my Biology && Chinese results unknown.

Hey! Today supposed to have E maths tuition @ night. But i quit le. Decided to take up chemistry tuition instead. My chemistry need SERIOUS help. :P Erm. Today first period was supposed to be assembly, but we stayed in class && do a talk on some online stuff. boring. Thn we had Chinese lessons, was like hoping to get back our results today? after all, most classes got back. but our teacher was absent == so didn't get back the results. So sit with Pam , Athena && Patty. l0ls. talk about some stupid stuff, did some stupid stuff, doodle && draw. ha ha. (: thn recess, went arnd with patty to sec 1 level help her get information from sec 1 girl guides (: After recess was A maths, learn more alpha beta. which i suck at. kind of tough. think i would definitely need more practice. after 1 && 1/2 hr of A maths, we have another 1 && 1/2 hour of English. Our teacher came back! Got back our paper, our class highest is only 20 out of 30 == Some guy got the highest == I got 17 out of 30 only. Ugh. My English seriously sucks. && our teacher damn strict at marking? fml. Supposedly, our teacher said no planning && use of correction tape or correction fluid have to minus 1 mark for each. However, majority of our class students , because of that 1 mark, didn't pass, so teacher made a deal with us. He return us the 1 mark he took away. But the next time any test or exam, if anyone of us use correction tape, he will minus 2 marks instead! Jeez. So I decided , the next time if there's any test for English, i'll pass Pam or Athena my correction tape instead. so without it, i wouldn't use even if i forget by accident :P Ain't i smart? jkjk. Thn we had lunch && Social studies. Got back results for Social Studies Paper. Our class highest is 14 marks. Priya highest (: I got 13 marks out of 15. Well, not bad, at least this can help pull my humanities grade up IF i do badly for literature. which there will be a class test tmr. ugh. i wanna study for it so i wouldn't do badly, but literature can't be studied == eu need to understand the question to do well. == But i didn't regret taking it though. cas i know i'll do even worst for Geography :P I suck at Geo. that's about all. still have to let my mum sign my english paper && do my corrections. == Gotta go. Toodles~


Monday, February 28, 2011

You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Hey! It's Monday! Think i'm having Monday blues rather often nowadays. nth special, First lesson was Biology, was expecting Mrs Azlan to return the papers to us. But sadly, NOPE. she didn't, somehow expected it. ha ha. After that was A maths, got back our paper. Got 38 out of 40. Ugh! Got careless mistake, so Cher minus 2 marks!!!! UGH!!!!! Zzz... or i could get a full marks??? UGH!!! So pathetic. Thn we had recess, starve in class. ( trying to save $$ for certain stuff ). Thn we had E maths. Also got back paper. 45 out of 50. 1 mark careless and 4 marks dunno how do. l0ls. DOUBLE pathetic. fml. E maths we also learn a new chapter inequalities , which i suck at? thn we had Literature. Ms James is back!!!! Yeah!!! (: Continued on the worksheet which we didn't complete last week. This Wednesday got Class test, over 50 marks. Marks is to be combined with Social Studies && put into our report book. Think i'm gonna flunk badly? My English sucks. Anyway, thn we had lunch && afterwards we had English, thought we would be getting our papers back. but nope. our teachers went to ACJC. Anglo Chinese Junior Collage. For i dunno whatever reasons. So was suppose to do a comprehension practice in our Distinction For English Book. But spent 45 mins talking to Jasmin && Jamie instead :P talking bout K-Pop. shit. Think i'm obsessed with it too. wtf. nth else after that. Stayed back awhile still to do my e maths hwk. on inequalities. hate to draw the stupid timeline. jeez. why is it even needed when it's so tedious? guess e maths is tedious maths unlike a maths. okay, thats all for today. proceed to update on YESTERDAY.
Yesterday, had Macdonald breakfast! awesome \m/ thn read a book on the wonders of the world. Did eu know The statue of Liberty was a gift for the united states of america from France? Did eu know the & pointy thing on the statue of liberty represents 7 different continents? Did eu know The Great Wall of China wasn't only completed during the Qin Dynasty? After the Qin Dynasty, Emperors continued to extend it? OMG. Awesome! \m/ i didn't know all this before!!! COOL!!! After awhile, left the house to go to compass point. Meet Sheryl at Mini Toons. Went to Library cafe for lunch. had potatoes chunk && peach dream smoothie. *yummy* Stayed there for awhile to borrow books. (: thn we went to popular, Action City && Mini Toons. Bought a new hand phone strap && Hand phone pouch (: nice... the hand phone strap is denim fabric! NICE!!! ( bought a few more after returning home from sch. for Amelia, SiYi && Min Hui ) Wanted to get some for Sheryl, Athena && Pamela. but the ppl there say no more same color , need wait one day. only left those "light" blue jeans color. I want the dark blue black one! No choice. next time go out with clique thn buy different kind one bah (: also went to comics connection, Sheryl bought some anime stuff && we became member tgt, so can get 10% discount! (: Same quite a lot of $$? lol. thn went to walk arnd timezone with Sheryl. Didn't play any games. Sheryl dun like to play this kind one... nth much, went back to library, read books awhile, went to Watson to get some stuff, couldn't find it , so end up didn't buy. Thn went to Cold Storage get SUSHI! *Yummy* (: nth much, ate awhile thn go home leh. so typical? ha ha. (: nth else. that all. shall update tmr if got time bah. ^^