Thursday, February 11, 2010


everythin have a limit. i have a limit to my patience and temper too. i tried my best. i realli did. i tried my best to control my temper. i tried it cas of him. but why do he have to do this. maybe its cas the misunderstanding between us is just too deep for him to forgive miie. idk too. all i knoe is. maybe its best for miie to stay away from him to prevent from steppin into the trap again.

cant believe this year , i am celebrating valentines dae alone. i realli miss eu. why do eu have to left?? who do i realli like?? dodo or jojo?? idk, i onli knoes tat had hurt dodo. i shld be so selfish in the first place. so who do i like?? maybe i onli like jojo as a kor?? or a besties... idk too... why am i so selfish ... =[
i am sorry for hurting eu and
leaving eu alone whn eu nid miie most. i realli regret it but its all too late.
i knoe eu would nvr come back for miie. so move on. forget about miie , and i
will forget about eu too... i realli regret it. but i am so sorry . and its all
too late ... no matter wat i say. i knoe eu will nvr come back for miie. so move
on in ur life.



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