Tuesday, February 16, 2010

thirth dae of CNY

hiie. yesterdae nvr post cas i feel so sick. had a serious flu last night. now better leh. todae afternoon go tampines mall. went timezone arcade . sister got th bengal tiger card lols. dunno she girl or boy. play boy game =.= l0ls. anyway =] quite happi . haix sianx tmr must go school again. haven't done my hwk yet. now chionging .... hope can finish. okayys nth much. todae was fine. yesterdae i learn to play mahjong. finalli knoe who to play. when my parents play at least i know wat they are doin =] mahjong is quite fun and educating . though to some , its a form of gambling. =]

i realli miss eu alot. though i
knoe eu would nvr forgive miie for hurting ur heart. when will eu be back?? cant
we at least be friends??? can eu bear to put behind our friendship for
years??? can eu bear to put behind our friendship with amelia and
jordan?? i dun believe eu are so heartless. i knoe thats not th real
eu. dun care how others feel and think about eu. be urself. tat way
eu will be truely happi ... lurve eu forever and lots



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