Thursday, February 18, 2010

school dae's update=]

hahax... 0w0 todae school was fine. nth special. had tis poem hwk yesterdae. due todae. thn teacher want read some out so ask us to say out some of our frens name tat eu think have a interestin poem. thn every 1 keep wantin teacher to read out zy ones. dunno why also haha. nvm . hack care. sianx. wasnt payin attention whn cher ask us to watch a short film. =p psps. thn science. sianx. electricity. but electricity better thn light =] not so confused. dun realli like science. cas science lesson veri borin and restless. maths. omg . we got maths test. i totalli didnt studie at all =p nvm. expecting to fail =] -w-" IHG simple. didnt do much just mark friends worksheet do corrections tats all. hall assembly we change to CE . so do sth on total defence dae. sth like how would eu defence ur country or home in times of needs. =] sianx. watched a video on how the 911 thing happen. how bomb was place in mrt and buses. mani pple died. =[ so sad. feel so fortunate to be in singapore and alive =] so we must protect our country okayys?? =] nth much todae lah. stayed back with athena. brought a big tub of mint chip ice-cream. KING's and it was $ 3.10 . quite cheap =] had ice-blend in school. at noodles. delicious. athena brought yogurt from school. she wanted strawberri yogurt drink . the one hj keep drinking ever now and thn. but she brought wrongly and brought th mango and peach yogurt. slime. and disgustin. cant believe she ate most of it. yikk.... hahax. nth much realli. todae cca play with plasticine. nth much make ppl thn cher say my pple cute =] so talented miie. no lah jkjk. =] realise nowadays ryan keep hanging out with sushi. and he is sittin beside sushi. sth weird goin on. =] but dun want gossip later get scolded =p dun KPO okayys pple??



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