Sunday, August 8, 2010

I like and hate...

zzz.... i hate the durian smell in my living rm right nw... my mind is realli weird?!?!?! l0lx. [ tats what MinHui say bout miie , same for most of my frens . ] i hate it and like it when he comes to visit? hahax. i like it cas... [ it's a secret ] i hate it cas whenever he comes , my dinning rm is sure to be filled with durian smells. WHICH STINKS LIKE HELL!!! his mum is a HUGE fan of durians... l0lx. mmm... anyway , my coz [ some onli , from my mum side ] came to visit. and the special ordinary(s) and their parents came :) hahax... realli had fun... their still here nw... so onli post abit. still haven't study till nw... dun feel like it? l0lx. think i am start first thing in the morning tmr. :0 l0lx. i feel so stuppid right nw?? i brought the bk " untamed " and " tempted " but i didnt buy " hunted " which is like buying both bk no. 4 and 6 but didnt buy 5? l0lx. so its like eu dun even knoe wats realli goin on... but i finalli get wats goin on in the book. In bk 7 " burned " , Kalona liked Zoey? and Kalona is like 30-40++ and Zoey is like 20++ ?? at first i dun get it.. but nw i do. Kalona was a demon and he STILL is now... in the past , ppl want to kill him? but his a IMMORTAL?? l0lx. but he is veri perverted ppl using their 5 elements , " fire " , " earth " , " water " , " spirit " , " wind " to recreate a beautiful and powerful girl who use her beauty and strength to trap Kalona in somewhere... [ i dunno where , they nvr state? ] but despite wat she did , Kalona was in deep love with her? l0lx. and it turns out tat the girl who ppl named as " A-ya " [ which means power or sth? nt veri sure ... cas tats supose to be in " hunted , which i didnt buy!!! ] reincaration and turn to the modern powerful... ZOEY! l0lx. no wonder... Kalona ( 30-40++ ) loves Zoey ( 20++ ) Kalona is immortal and is release from the trap by neferet [ queen of tsi sgili ] so he doesn't die but A-ya dies and turn to be zoey . l0lx. kk , tats all , i posted tis is to tell PAMELA and tempt her to borrow the book from miie to find out more... hahax. i'm so evil :P ...




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