Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Learn to forgive and forget

hey hey. todae , i onli have two lessons cas i went home durin recess. got running nose and fever... nw even got sore throat... fall sick is nt a gd feelin... i realised i always fall sick near exams , haix. l0lx. nth much , came home had medicine thn slp till like 4++?? l0lx. rest abit. study abit. use com abit... everything abit... temperature damn high. 42 degrees l0l? hot enough to boil a egg? [credit : pamela said tis ] :) nth much too lah. jus nw , Amelia , MinHui , SiYi , Jordan , JunHeng , ZiHeng , Jonathan and him came visit... l0lx. thnx alot :) but i am feelin better nw... tmr goin to mc [ i think so , see hw i feel tmr morning ]


recall all the past memories, well this kind of incident didnt happen long ago? just 2 yrs ago? [ strt of sec1 , if i am nt wrong ] but i dunno why ... i jus dun seem to be able t rmb why did we broke up in the first place tat time? somehw, i think its cas of lack of trust i think? well , i onli knoe nw,,, is tat i dun want to rmb about the past... i am tryin my best to forgive and forget. :) [ credit : i think is C.S-A first told miie tis , if i am nt wrong , pamela also said tis b4 ]



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