Thursday, August 5, 2010

Terrible sore throat and cough , cant even talk...

heyhey. tis morning wanted to go school[ at first , cas i scared i miss out too much on science. and i dun have mc for todae too , doctor onli give 1 day. ] but i realized i having a terrible sore throat... zzz.... cant even talk! can talk... but damn soft and pain for throat... so mummie say dun go school. rest at home , cas go school also veri troublesome... cant talk and so on... zzz... i missed out alot on science!!! arhh... zzzz... i am die meat tis time!!! i go study my tb bahh!!! zzz... btw , can anyone tell miie if tmr got lessons? or at least wat we need to bring and so on? got lesson as normal?




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