Monday, August 2, 2010

*evil grin* muahahaha...

hihi. :) jus came home from sch , nth much , dun feel like elaborating on my school lessons . anyway , todae , i a bit hyper? dunno why too.. :) hahax. maybe cas i am having fun in sch [ unlike beening borin and alone at home ] or i dunno , maybe my sugar lvl too high , anyway , nxt week got long hols , but cant relax cas after tat got CT . =.=" l0lx. daddie coming back AFTER my CT? :) ya... thn can go out have fun together. :) mmm.... i plan to make a new specs when my dad's around , so when my degrees increase , my mum wouldn't nag too much , cas my dad :) hahax. [ miie evil lehh , but i dun find it evil enough . like todae , i told nithin and pam tat joey brought mini toons sweet for Athena as birthday presents , thn they start to ask joey for their present too.. hahax. ] tats bout all !


P.S eu have serious attitude problem , i suggest eu fix it , if nt eu would NVR be able to make frens. eu would be seriously AVOIDED by others...
[ to : you shld knoe who eu are ]



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