Monday, August 2, 2010

Goinz ice-skating with friends on sat. [ maybe ]

hey hey. i'm back :) jus nw mummie go out with her gf [ i think so? she nvr tell miie , dun bother askin , later kana scolded for beening K.P.O ] thn miie and sissy alone at home , forget say , nw school councillors for boys wear long pants! they look so weird in it? hahax. long pants make them look taller when they actualli didnt grow at all? l0lx. having late dinner for tonight , i think? mummie haven't come home yet? stupidd msn... cant log in dunno for watever reason... make miie can't webcam with darling [ NOT minhui ] and daddie... zzz... btw , dunno where is godma now? last time , we talk on phone was like... super long ago? when i jus broke up with jonathan... which is like b4 sch hols? dunno hw is she nw... :) hope she got miie presents from turkey? [ jkjk. ] maybe goin out on saturdae , to ice-skate [ i knoe exams coming , jus saturdae , go out , to relax after all the studies :) ] with Amelia , MinHui , Jordan , him , ZiHeng , JunHeng and SiYi , go see SiYi's figure skating , friendly competition , thn go... must cheer for her :) hehex. Hope she wins!!! veri long nvr go karaoke lehh!!! must sing all i can on sat. [ btw , my singin sucks!! tats why , i nvr sing b4 in public , onli some ppl knoe hw HORRIBLE i sound... ] maybe , i can even take tis opportunity to learn the basics of bowling? :) dunno... see first . Tmr staying back to help out for the amazing race for the sec 1(s) with ppl from S.R.C [ zzz... why so unluckily leh miie? S.R.C , some1 i dun realli like is in there!!! ] for our cca , so thursdae , no cca l0lx. :)




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