Friday, October 22, 2010

all my results are out within 2 days.

mmm... this week , we got back all our results lehh... but i didnt tell my mum all... or i would suffer this weekend! this are my results... though i knoe i shld be ashame of them , but still... i dun mind sharing them with eu guys, just dun laugh at them, kk? :)
English Paper 1 & 2 : 57/100
Drama: 45/60
Newsletter: 16/20
Chinese paper 1&2: 96/140
Chinese oral: 29/40
Chinese LC: 14/20
Maths paper 1: 45/50
Maths paper 2 : 43/50
Science Paper: 70.5/100
Geography: 65.5/100 ( 39.5/ 60 )
D & T paper : 61/100
D& T practical: unknown
l0l. and guess what, my sis sabo miie and go show my mum my nafa badge, cas i got silver and my mum nagged at miie non-stop and the onli sentence i rmb most clearli was, why cant eu be smarter and better at sports? eu lose to JOSIAH at STUDIES and SPORTS! eu shld be ashamed of urself... ya.. i think i shld too... i ALWAYS lose to him... now i even lose to him at my best subject, i shld realli be ashamed of myself... but what can i do? i am born stupid? its nt i nvr study leh! i got l0l! just cant seem to rmb anything at the exam... zzzzz.... i hate it when my parents always compare miie with josiah! zzz...
godma came to visit miie just awhile ago... sigh~ at least still got godma tat wouldnt make comparisons... she ask if i am interested to learn the guitar... is guitar realli that "hot" now? like everyone want to learn it like dat... but i nt realli interested lehh~ i got no talent when it comes to music... pamela shld knoe very well... i cant even make the piano well... l0l.
kk nth else~ toodles~



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