Saturday, October 9, 2010

long post after a long break...

hey, it's been along while since i posted... cas i didnt get to use the com... anyway , nowadays , with exams coming there... i dunno why, though some of my words and actions look still childish , but i have a feeling that i had grown , grown to be someone more mature , someone able to accept the fact that things in this world arent wat you wish for it to be... and things aren't always wat its seems to be. people tat eu trust the most can betray you in life, people you hate the most can turn out to be the one you will eventualli go to when eu need someone... life is jus tat amazing and cruel. and i onli knew them now! tats whats bothering miie, my life isnt as perfect as it , i am not as fortunate as i want to be... but tat doesnt mean people arnd miie are more fortunate than miie? and i am definiteli not wat i appear to be... no one is actualli... feeling rather deep now , maybe it's cas my story is process much more beautifully thn i expected? i want my story to portray the fact that life is nvr perfect or fair , so not good ppl have happi endings neither do all evil ppl get wat they deserve b4 they die... life is jus tat amazing... though i hate my life , i hate my family backgrounds , i hate certain ppl arnd miie , but i do knoe tat despite all this , there still are ppl who cares for miie as a fren/ besties and will be there for miie ... thus ... why jus give up on ur life simply becas things didnt work out?

Love is just about taking risks.
Being shy gets you nowhere.
So sometimes, we just have to be a little braver and fall,
fall heads over heels.
Nevermind if we get hurt,
we'll piece ourselves back together anyway.
So dun be scared.
Just this once,
Or you can just think it as,
it's just simply a nightmare.



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