Monday, October 11, 2010

A special post for one of my fren...

hey. today is our geog exam , which i think i am most likeli goin to fail... l0l. cant blame miie? i mean , i'm born stuppid?? so who to blame nw? my parents thn.. for nt giving miie their clever genes... and for giving miie tis emotion tat make miie not able to say no to ppl... [ athena shld knoe wat i mean... hehex. :p] l0l... anyway , mani things have beening goin on in my life... making miie realised its time to wake up! time for miie to appreciate things tat i fail to appreciate in the past , etc : a fren of mine , tat suffers in silence... sometimes i realli wonder wat he is thinking... he said that his a simple person... but somehow i feel guilty... i'm always the one bullying him. making him do things... i nvr appreciate him for his kindness... bully him more and more , day by day... and all i knoe was to complain and complain about how he make my life horrible or how he make miie cry each time and how he make miie live in fear each time he talks to miie, worrying someday , he would stop ... i knoe he wishes nth more from this friendship... and i thought the same too... but all i want now , is for us to at the veri least , be frens , even if we may quarrel at times , fight at times, disagree at things at times, but still let us at the very least be pure frens... and tis time , he doesnt have to let miie in stuff anymore... he can mention ppl he wants at anytime and any moment... he doesnt have to worri about my feelings, cas tis time , its time for miie to aprreciate him and care for his feelings instead.Though i knoe , everything i said , might nt make him forgive miie , but i am learning , learning to appreciate friends arnd. and nt be tat evil " victoria " tat is inside of miie since day 1 when i start to hate him and complain about him... ( athena shld knoe bout the evil "victoria" ) :]




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