Sunday, February 21, 2010

todae is sundae.

hiie. todae when for tuition in th morning =] okayys. honestli i didnt do my hwk . but cher also nvr scold =p hahax. lucky l0l. =] nth much tuition all th way to 1.15=] ate lunch at home. thn watch some show. thn do self revision for tmr chinese compo test =] yeahh!!! chinese roxs! though mani think chinese suckx. but i disagree!!!! =] hehex. l0ls. realli nth much todae. so ciaos. i nid go studie leh. ciaos!

why do eu have to do tat to miie?? i dun expect much from eu. all i want from eu is to treat as a friend. not a besties or a good friens. just a pure normal friend?? is tat realli something veri hard to be done??



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