Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i didnt go for 3 of my test !!!

hiie. didnt realli have the chance to post cas last week got fever and flu . got sick in directli... haix. anyway. didnt take three of my test some more cant retest =[ fail lol. =[ haix. anyway got my chinese and english compo back. english got 18/30 . at least i pass. my english is always tat bad in fact it sucks... hahax. =p chinese 76/100 . =] yeahh A1 =] not bad. but i could have done better. nvm. =] josiah got 67 . haha opposite of miie. he got 19/30 for english compo. i want knoe his science , home econ and maths too. =[ i knoe he got 32/50 for maths. but i dunno the rest. i didnt take maths , home econ and science so i no marks. i onli left geograph dunno marks. i think i would knoe my marks tmr. cas tmr thn have geo. =] i am sure i did VERI badli. but nvm. this is a small test. do better next time bah =] gtg do my maths hwk tats due tmr and i have not even start on it yet! buaiis~! =]



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