Thursday, August 12, 2010

GD luck for tmr's maths paper. :)

heyhey. back from schhh... :) mum can fetch miie as usual. sis stay back in sch , 4 pm thn come home. on the way , we went to fetch him and his mum... his still at my hse now... though his studyin and i am postin? l0lx. we are at different room , so yeah? nth else... jus tat suddenli recall wat amelia asked miie when we talked on the phone yesterdae. [ suppose i called her to ask bout science... ended up chit-chattin? typical... ] she asked if its still possible between us? i wonder too?? l0lx. haixx... todae , EL cher nvr come. First period got relief cher. second dun have. second period , KH , Ryan , Athena , Baolian , Pamela , miie and a few more , played tai-di. l0lx. and black jack. :) i am the dealer... cas i dunno how play? hahax. :) l0lx. nth muchh realli? todae , mummi dun allow miie stay back... now i knoe why... cas his comin... as usual... my mum learnin to make some chinese "cake" [ dunno how spell tat word , so replace with cake bahh ] from his mum... which i am so NOT eatin... [ forget to mention , my mum Sucks with a CAPITAL 'S' at chinese cakes... ] l0lx. kk , tmr got maths test , i go study the maths formula. toodles!~

[ shld i learn to speak french? l0lx. make a new fren ( from france. amelia's coz... ) ]



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