Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am dead for todae's geog paper...

heyhey , back from sch!~ l0lx. todae got geog and CL paper . i'm for sure dead meat for geog [ without even having to say. ] l0lx. mmm... chinese , okay lahh?? though i cant realli say i'm confident in it though... slight chances of doin badli still , afterall , i didnt realli focus on it... hahax. l0lx. mmm... tmr got science paper which i need to study for nw... i missed lots of classes when i was absent , so kk , got to study... nth much realli , as usual , slackin while i can... hahax. shall plurk and tweet instead. :)


P.S i pre-assume [ if there is even such a word >< ] tat eu still read my blog. How do eu knoe if i mean it or not , when eu dun even knoe hw i feel and think nw? C:



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