Monday, August 9, 2010

We played true or dare and did veri STUPID stuff at dare...

heyhey! mmm... update eu bout wat we did yesterdae. nth much lahh... jus tat , i am realli busi at tat moment cas i every few min , go see my com... so my frens quite pissed off by miie?? cas i will miss wat they say thn later ask them to repeat :P especialli Amelia pissed off [ sorry :P forgive miie kk ? i knoe eu nt so petty dehh ] mmm... anyway , we stay at my studyrm... cas dinning rm damn smelly thn living rm full of ppl. ohh btw , we didnt go to my tat small HDB hor. is another one. another hse tat my parents might want to sell to get some cash? i dunno lahh , they dun usualli tell miie bout tis stuff is SiYi overheard her mum talkin to my mum about sellin the hse? [ btw , SiYi mum works as agent , dad is a lawyer ( real busi? nvr heard her talk about her dad often... ) ] anyway , ya... so... mmm... anyway , we played true or dare. we are did some real STUPID stuff. hahax. l0lx. dun feel like naming it... but its realli STUPID! :) anyway , shld say tat , their parents all veri open tat they are datin? =.=" cant believe it? i ask my mum , wat happen if i tell eu i got bf lehh.. [ jus example onli! i dun have one... ] thn she say... " see who lahh. if i knoe their parents or i knoe that guy realli well , and ur result wouldnt drop cas of ur datin , tat i'm fine with it... " l0lx. ? hahax. i am realli bored to ask her tat... anyway , MinHui ended up stayin over.. still here nw beside miie. jus tat she is talkin to her darling[ Junheng ] , over the phone. =.=" diaoo.... l0lx. plan to start studyin nw... MinHui ask miie to study dehh.. she say she goin study too... so ask miie study with her. =.=" diaoo.. l0lx. anyway , with her around , i will REALLI study.. cas she WOULD REALLI study... so i also need study, cant slack lehh... yeahh , btw if eu wonder why she can stay over is cas her parents often overseas. so her parents wouldnt knoe , even if they knoe they wouldnt mind if they knoe where and whose hse she stayin over at... she stayin over tonight too... tmr afternoon or morning thn leave bahh? dunno... but tmr night , she MUST leave cas wed got sch. :) hols tat time , she got stay over for weeks dehh :) hahax. :) l0lx. wonder when we change backk our classrm? tis one nw.. damn hot! cant concentrate...




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