Tuesday, August 10, 2010

why do i envy MinHui? l0lx.

heyhey. mmm... nth much , woke up earli todae... thn had breakfast , MinHui went off at 9? cas she goin out todae with her darling [ JunHeng ] wo... dunno if i envy her for havin a bf or cas she can go out? or maybe both? hahax. l0lx. i did heymath test , quartic eqn one , got 9 out of 10. l0lx. one mistake , but i dun think is careless is more of i dunno how do kind. yupp , nth muchh , mummi went out earli in the morning , nt backk yet. dunno where she got? l0lx. haixx... heymaths got prob. dun let miie log in... say wat , previous time nvr log out properli , dun let miie go in till 60 minutes later... TWITTER SUCKS! curse twitter. tis morning , i in gd mood , want go tweet , suppose i got tons of thing to tweet about , but keep sayin technical problems , dun let miie tweet , now i no mood tweet leh lah! CURSE EU TWIITER! TWITTER SUCKS!




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