Saturday, August 14, 2010

Need to knoe wat is a " need " and wat is a " want "

heyhey. daddie came backk last night. same for godma. but godma went to stay with MinHui [ cas minhui alone at home ( with maids though ) quite bored. ] anyway , tis morning , woke up damn earli , thnx to my sis... arhh , long story , dun want talk about it. anyway , todae , i realised i cant renew my phone contract yet , and my mum wants to see my CT results to think about getting miie a new phone , cas i jus got a new phone durin jan? or somewhere around there... anyway , but my dad agreed as usual. hahax. l0lx. of course , i didnt got mad AT FIRST! thn... my sister got a new TOY! zzz... she got one new one too durin jan [ same day as miie ] and my mum even say tat time is the last time... and she didnt do well for her oral exam and creative writing , and she gets something for her effort , wat rubbish is tis? zzz... of course , i got mad after tat. its TYPICAL of miie to do. i mean , who wouldnt? when they have mother who are THAT BIASED? l0lx. so i got mad. thn godma told miie tis. : handphones is onli a want and not a need. why not jus w8? afterall , who knoes? after one month , maybe there are nicer models tat eu like tat others cant get? l0lx. kk , i give face to godma , so i didnt end up quarrelin with my mum. or i would have BLOW MY TOP! l0lx. anyway , thn i went to popular. finalli got the book " hunted " tat time was solded out? l0lx. so i bought one. btw , must rmb tell sushi bout compass pt havin the book leh... mmm... nth much realli , though i am still mad at my mum , and she even got a new phone , nokia E5. l0lx. dun like it... th design like blackberry , keypad damn big... l0lx, it's UGLY to miie ... [ and its NOT sour grapes... its REALLI UGLY! ]


well, pam told miie she got talk to eu on msn wat , thn tat time , she talk to eu tat time , i also got on9 , thn i didnt see eu on9 , so i thought eu blocked miie? l0lx.

i dunno? i think i jus sort of have a lot of " mind " words up my mind? l0lx.

athena and nithin didnt go for the debate. athena said she couldnt make it for some reasons? i dunno , forgot ask , nithin didnt turn up cas he didnt have his own script.=.=" he thinks i am suppose to do his script. hellooo , i'm like sick? how do... and besides it's HIS script , he shld do it? why shld i do it? i'm being nice in the past to help , but thn i realised how stupid of miie to help , so i stop. wat do expect miie to do? apologise for stop being so stupid? =.="

the letter... well , i dun want to talk about it. as for flyin away with my dad , it means to go with him back to china ... and i dunno wat the weird weird word is EVEN AFTER I READ IT OUT LOUD! l0lx.

l0lx. i did visit still , but most of the time , eu onli posted one a week or once two weeks or lazy visit some time.. and for the leaving paragraph , eu didnt even state my name there? hw i knoe is for miie? i am a bit dumb? and besides eu didnt leave names , wat happen if its not for miie , and i thought it is , and eu say i anyhow assume stuff? need play safe leh miie....

l0lx. yepp , i think we playin ping pong on the internet without the ... the... wat eu call tat thing eu use to hit the ball backk? the racket? l0lx. dunno... oh oh , speakin of rackets , how is ur tennis lesson goin on? eu veri long nvr mention lehh? no news on it... eu gave up? or jus dun want mention? l0lx....




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