Sunday, August 15, 2010

i like tis song : 李圣杰-痴心绝对

hihi. :) read finish my book lehh " hunted " l0lx. tmr must rmb bring the book for pam. mmm... still havent got of the fact tat i need a new phone... [ well , not realli need , jus want. :) ] l0lx. nth much , got tuition , saw tat guy? l0lx. i think he needs to brush up on his flirtin technics? l0lx. dun seem to work ? [ heard from a girl tat is new and sit next to miie todae , cas SiYi nvr come. =.=" ] l0lx. mmm... nth much , finish a chinese story book and a english storybook borrowed from the library yesterdae... arhh , i need more books to feed my addiction , i think tis addiction is realli bad at times? jus like bloggin is a bad habit of mine too. i will jus unknowingly go to and start to post. =.=" its like my daily thingy... [ credit: CSA ] l0lx. mmm.... i knoe i am realli random , but i notice another bad habit of mine. i nvr learn my lessons no better how i remind myself. like jus 1 month ago , i told pam , i will remind myself , NVR to stand behind someone who smokes. l0lx. and no matter how many times that happen. i jus dun seem to learn my lessons? l0lx. hahax. haix... got to somehow find a way to put tat sickening lesson up my mind b4 it happens again!


i am so tired of playin tis ping pong game. i give up! l0lx.

leaving paragraph means , eu say eu leave msgs for miie but i nvr reply. how i knoe tat msg is for miie or not? also nvr state my name , i scared later i thought is for miie , but is not for miie. thn eu say i anyhow assume stuff , thn how? l0lx.

l0lx. i lazy find the definition , but i dunnid it anyway , i knoe the definition , jus tat i dun want to do accordin to it... hahax.

ohh , i see. i knoe eu wouldnt give up tat easily. hahax. o.0 still at NY? l0lx. when is ur parents back from SG?

o.0 so cool , go dragon boatin! i want try it sometimes! its realli cool living overseas , can try new experience... haix... gd for eu though, can try dragon boatin! l0lx. i want!!! hahax. :) envy eu leh.

mmm... unblock eu.... lazy... kk , i unblock eu once eu promise to stop tis ping pong ball game... :) hahax.

the color is okayy . :)thnx anyway.

kk , nth else. w8w8. about ur initial , i got one fren tat likes it too, :) hahax. :)



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