Friday, August 13, 2010

Why does hypocrites have to exist in a tis world?

heyhey... feelin quite down now... not sure if its cas of the rain tat affects my feelin or watso ever. i'm jus confused maybe? why?!?! why and why ?!?! is the onli thing up my head now... i have many why(s) to many qnses...weeks and weeks ago... well , eu can say like mmm... like a month ago? ya , around there... i went to Jessica and Jessie's house ( sisters , eu can see by the names , Jessie is one YOUNGER than Jessica and miie. ) Jessica and i... well , we cant realli say besties but we are quite close... but i nvr thought she would do tat. anyway , i found a letter [ address to miie , but was NVR mailed out? ]anyway , my pt is... it cover some truth.. some misunderstandin between ppls.... haix... why are there hypocrites in tis world? [ nt sure of spellin ] l0lx.why do ppl make frens with others jus for benefits? ... ... my minds in a MESS! arhh!!! i'm so confused by who are my frens and whose not... no one seem to be trustworthy... [ no offence by sayin tat , i jus dunno who to trust and who NOT to... ] i need time... i need time off... away .. away from all tis? i'm not sure... i onli knoe i onli have 2 days time to sort tis all out... i am lack of time... if eu read my previous post , my dad is comin home TONIGHT! and leaving on mondae... i have a bad feelin bout my parents... i dunno , but i do knoe my dad dotes on miie alot... and agrees and support all my decision... i'm jus wondering if i shld return with him tis time? i hadnt told any of my frens... cas i'm not confirmed yet... i feel like startin a new? but tis is not a game.. eu cant say want start again , thn start again! its a life , eu onli get once in a life time chance , do be who eu are now... so eu cant choose to restart ur life whenever eu want to...


[ i knoe my post is a bit confusin. i dun wish for eu readers to understand , i jus want to write out how i feel now... yep , tats right , i am REALLI REALLI CONFUSED right now... ]

P.S , the onli reason for miie to block eu , is cas i thought eu blocked miie first... so since eu block miie , why dun i block eu too? l0lx. and i thought last time eu used to say eu dun mind us blockin one another? l0lx. [ w8w8 , eu didnt say eu mind ... but do eu realli mind or not? btw , i cant read ur mind... i need hints or clues to find out how eu feel and think now... cas unlike in the past , where i can read ur expression... now i cant... ] btw , we lost for debate , cas when i sick tat time , athena and nithin didnt turn up for it and the cher(s) damn mad at us for making them w8 , so we lost without a match. how pathetic is tat? =.=" oh oh , and one more thing... can eu change ur font color? my eyes hurts from reading it? [ btw , is mine too light too? if it is , pls inform. thnx :) ]



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