Thursday, March 4, 2010

things tat happened todae & two letters

hiiie. todae nth much. do maths hwk. got geo graph results. 17/30. at least i pass... =.= no chinese todae so sad. cant slack . =[ erm... science okayys lah. did notes. nth much. lifelit we go performance lab. thn got a scolding by cher to whole class.. =.= so unfair also not our fault wat!... =[ said something wrong todae haix.... regretted it. when to 7-eleven. bubble tea shop with athena after school. while w8 for cca start.. =] didnt buy anything for bubble tea cas tmr i go pam house thn buy bah =] saw josiah( my so-called enemy, actualli he is my FRIenemy) twice todae after school. first is when he talk to athena bout class tee. second is from a certain level. jiahui saw him first thn told miie deh. they all thinks i hate him. haha. not realli lah. he is my gd friend onli pure friend dun think too far. =] erm... he dam funni todae. change my seats btw. sit next to KH ( kennhong ) behind CSA ( sue ann , my san mei =] ) and weikiat ( maths pro ) =] behind is robin( current vice-chairman , being sabo. ) and tingwei ( esther bff ) thn behind them is jolene (preethika's bff )and josiah. josiah was like cursing away , why always sit so near her deh.... l0ls. dun mind . though those word didnt hurt my heart a little but not tat much =] hehex... haix. he officialli returned to america. but b4 he go. we did meet up. he said he forgive miie. but he dun intend to start another relationship with miie again. for he is afraid of hurting miie. and it is hard to manage a long distance relationship. =[ haix.... anyway. i have to left go of the heavy lungage sooner or later. so now jordan and amelia is helpin miie . =] nth much gtg. buaiis~! say more tmr bah. but i may update later thn usualli cas i am goin to pam's house do chinese research. hopefulli i can find my thumbdrive tmr. hope it is in my mummie's car. pray hard. cross ur fingers =] buaiis noW , seriousli ~! =]

i'm sorri for sayin those words. i dun realli mean it. i didnt do it on purpose. it was an accident. hope eu wouldnt feel hurt by those words. i am seriousli veri sorri. =[ would eu forgive miie?? though we cant be couples. we can still be gd friends. hope eu understand it. and hope eu can let go of the lungage too soon. eu will always be my gd friend. thnx for beening my friend. everi one hates miie . onli eu dun. thnx for tat. and thnx for beening there whenever i needed eu too. eu are realli a gd guy. but eu are just not a ideal bf for miie. hope eu can find some1 tat would appreciate and like eu for who eu are and eu like her too. but tat gal is definiteli not miie. eu may think eu would nvr like someone else again. but... this is just ur first or maybe second , third crush. who can eu be so sure?? sooner or later , eu would find someone way better than miie. by then, eu would start to think wat so gd about miie?? so move on =] we can still be gd friends. or a talkin companion. but just move on . miie and sueann will always be here to talk to eu as a gd friend =]

As for eu. we are ppl from two separate worlds. we cant even talk harmonyly and i am not being mean or wat. i wangt a bf tat cares for miie. not someone danger and may attack miie without miie knoeing. i cant accept a bf tat i am smarter than. i want him to be a great atheletic , a great student and even a joker than is humorous and can make miie laugh and smile when i dun feel like it, and is there for miie everytime i needed him too. someone to shower miie with care. not some1 tat cant even find a school to accept him and cant even play badminton , not gd in chinese and english and lie tat ur a pro. most of all, i cnat stand liar and act cool peeps. so move on. find some1 tat is ur standard. i may sound harsh here. but move on. no point stoppin here cas of miie. eu may think eu can touch miie. but ur beening stupid cas i would never be touched by eu as i would nvr lower my standard just for eu . so stop being stubborn cas no matter wat eu do will not make mie change my mind except for a guy.... which is DEFINITELI NOT EU!

all my standards here i realises onli matches two ppl. one is my ex- bf . one is.... josiah. am i realli falling for him. without miie knowing it even... it sounds and seems so. i keep thinkin of him day and night. and whenever i see him... i do things all wrong! i just dunno wats going on to miie. am i reali obsess with him like wat athena said?? i dunno too. but i definiteli hope not. cas there's no way he would like a gal like miie. the class's enemy.... i reallin dunno wat to do... some1 have got to help miie...



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