Saturday, March 13, 2010

went out at 11.30 came backk at 5.30 =]

hiie. todae went out with CSA. meet her at hougang mall mcdonald outside. thn we go to compass point taking bus 119 together =] ate mcdonald. ohh yeahh before we go compass, we went blackoutz to get pam a ring tat we didnt get for her in the beginning. =p hehex. l0ls. purple.... =] thn we went to timezone. i treat csa to all timezone games except neoprint which she treat =] Mmm... she spent $10 in timezone. =.= but i spent $79 =.= l0ls. nvm. she have fun can leh. we played basket ball... my arm sore leh lah. =.= thn we play the table thing?? dunno call wat. thn we play some game thn make us go hammering =.= l0ls. hand red. thn we realised the neoprint machine at compass spoilted. =.= we brought bubble tea. i buy strawberri red tea. csa brought peach red tea. =] she brought two?? one at hougang one at compass?? l0ls. thn she keep goin to the washroom?? haha!!! =] erm... ... we also brought seaweed i brought th spicy one =] niceee... actualli is i treat csa. =] erm... thn we go minitoons. wanted to buy the letter keychain but all the alphabets also dun have =.= haix... thn we go action city =] nth much... csa wanted to buy something for hj for her birthdae but end up didnt buy?? l0ls. =] hehex. thn we had a rest and went to hougang to take neoprint . =] thn we walk a long distance to the bus - stop. i took 88 home and csa took 74, 147 home =] thn buaiis~! tats all we did todae. reach home, sis go tuition leh at toa payoh. =] chinese tuition . CHINESE ROCKS!!!! =] thn .... i stay home myself. they came backk at 7-8++??? haha. =] okayys. nth much ... gtg buaiis~! =] tmr goin to the mangroves.... SO EXCITED !!!!!!! =] hehex. see eu tmr =]



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