Saturday, March 6, 2010


todae is my thirty post. nth much... just feel pretti sad. okayys i goin to type out the horoscope for virgo and taurus.

Love: this relationship maybe young , but alreadi something seems amiss. rely on your keen instincts and follow up on any disconcerting feelings you may have. however , make sure you hae hard evidence before you confront them.


Love: unfortunately eu have fallen in love with someone whom you're not supposed to fall in love with. the situation in complicated. while making a move seems tempting,now is the time to stay away and wait for the feelings to subside.

seriousli i realli hope all this are wats goin to happen. i dun want to hope too high. cas the more eu hope for sth. the more disappointed eu will be if eu fail to get it....


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