Monday, March 8, 2010

wat i did todae??

hiie. when to sueann grandma house to do tis interview thing for my chinese project. so sad.... :'( i think she was going to cry as she speaks about her past. at tat time she was onli 8 years old and she is the eldest child among her family somemore. they grow vegetables and onli get to eat rice once a week.the rest was eating topioca.... thn she was so daring when she was young. they had to hide somewhere in a secret corner in her house when the japanese soldiers came... =] i feel tat i am SO fortunate to NOT have to encounter tis kind of war. or i wouldnt had been as daring as her grandma. she was realli a brave child to miie. and i am glad to be staying in singapore where it is war-free , riot-free and is indepence. although singapore had to go through along away b4 she became indepences. =] so touched by my grandma... =] thn after tat when to heartland mall , pammy wants to go deh. =] she and i ate kfc for lunch , sueann onli drink a bubble tea. thn miie and pammy had mini melts. i also drunk bubble tea. thn pammy went to popular to buy a pen =] she borrowed money from miie cas not enough $$ . =] thn we went home. =] tats all. okayys got to go do my home econ , supposed to be due todae. but didnt finish =p miie slacker lah. thn still nid type out th interview =.= haix. in chinese somemore. sianx lah. thn got to go watch the movie some more. okayys . so buaiis~! =]



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