Thursday, April 22, 2010

i dunno why but i feel so depressed todae..

hihi. postin todae. had cca earlier on. went to bubbletea shop after school. strawberri soda roxs! though sheryl dun like it =p l0ls. todae... assembly... talk on eye-sight.. i like the talk just tat th qns and ans part... is SUPER DUPER BORIN! l0ls. hahax.... IHG... arghh!!! forget to bring worksheet 9.1 and 9.2 onli bring 9.3.... though i got do 9.1-9.2 =p haix. maths after tat... teacher go through maths hwk... got one qns go through b4 leh... still go through =.= zzzz... borin... almost dozed off in class =p thn recess... science after tat. got class test on chapter 18 and 19 backk... nt bad... didnt expect to get 30++ l0ls.i got 34 over 40... shld get 35 if add one more =.= zzz... thn th " eu knoe who" go say something... bout wat voltmeter and stuff... pissed miie off lah... why must he always go against miie?? got one more time... english we playin a game... thn suppose is a draw... thnx to him , girls lost .... must do punishment!!! zzz.... pissing miie off lah... always go against miie!!!!! zzz... pek cek... it's like he ALWAYS go against miie... when can he just stop sabo-ing ppl?? his character will be better and he will have more frens... pissing miie off ... as i think about my marks from 34.... remain 34... or maybe even 33... cant get 35!!!!!!! arghhh!!!! i hate it lah... he just dunno how i fail... he dunno how hard i study for everythin!!! for all tests and mid-year too!!! all i want is to do well... in everythin!!! i just want to do well... well enough to at least get top 5 for mid-year or even end of year!!! why must he always go against miie?? i'm alreadi stressed enough?? tell miie to relax... dun study so much?? haven't he thought th reason i study is to do well?? get high marks... and yet over here he is goin against miie doin well... how am i supposed to relax now?? i just dun get it... i am realli stressed and depressed enough... with all th high expectations etc. why cant he just sit at his seat, look at his paper , look at his answer , see his mistake , recount th marks??? and just DUN talk and DUN say anything?? i just dun get it?? is it tat hard to remain invisible to th class?? i dun get it!!! arghhh!!! so depressed.... i dunno why but i feel so sad all of a sudden. maybe its cas... or maybe its not... but all i want is to do well for my exams and tests. i knoe my chinese class test no longer have hope... but why can't i just do well in one subject?? am i realli stupid?? =[ i dunno why but i feel so sad , emo and depressed. haix. i dun want to post any more. bye... ... ... ... ... ...




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