Tuesday, April 6, 2010

updates of 5/4/10 and 6/4/10

everythin i do , everytime i make a fool of myself etc, all i wanted was to get ur attention , everythin i did for you , was just to want to get a place in ur heart , is it something so difficult tat eu can't do?!?! eu shld knoe why i went through all the trouble for eu... is giving miie a small position and givin miie some of ur attention tat difficult?!?! i seriously have no idea, if it's realli something very difficult for eu ... thn i'm sorri for tat....


yesterdae had debate against 2e1 , well its a success overall we won , all thnx to... ATHENA...congrats athena for OFFICIALLI becoming a pro . l0ls. =] anyway , cher wants miie and athena to join debate , still thinkin about it... not sure shld i or shld i not join debate cas cher say if want join thn is semester 2 , by thn every1 preparing for end-year exam... i want to do well wooo..... haix.... debating against myself about th advantages and disadvantages... l0ls. =] lame maybe to some of you.... l0ls. yesterdae , sushi's maths textbook 1B got confiscated thnx to josiah , l0ls, i sabo him when he anted to get it backk.... feel pretti guilty... l0ls. so after last period of lesson , when to find cher , todae cher give the book backk... guilt gone =] dun get why some ppl sabo others but dun feel th guilt?!?! l0ls. anyway ... haix sianx lahh.... l0ls. todae, nth much , homeecon practical , think i'm goin to fail badli for tat test... l0ls. =p haha... anyway, nth much , my cookin sucks =p l0ls. ermmm.... tmr stayyin back , go CSA house to make probs for th acting for chinese project =] hope we can finish all thn fridae dunnid stay backk anymore =] l0ls. ermm.... yeahh tats about all. ohh.... yesterdae got science pop quiz, think i also goin to fail it =p haha... l0ls. =p ermm... nth much realli . l0ls. let's see , wat else, o.0 i missed two weeks of training lehh.... haix... think veri hard for miie catch up now... l0ls. =] watch this anime recommended by sandric , clannad i think?!?! dunno how spell... l0ls. romances one i think?!?! pretti nice, ABIT of comedy too... =] dun realli understand some parts though... =] kk... realli nth else leh , gtg do maths hwk, although its onli due on thursday =p buaiis~!

P.S taqq b4 eu leave , thnx =]




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