Saturday, April 3, 2010


hiie. very long nvr post... cas nth special happen... haix. sianx lah. last week's update:
Mondae: nth
Wednesday : extra chinese lesson , learn to make chinese knots ( still dun get it >.< )
Thursdae: cca , when for study skills workshop, ok lah, to miie , help a bit onli =p ( also april fools , got trick by csa once onli =p )
fridae: gd fridae! when to "see" my grandma, csa and pam came to rehearse for chinese script. when to ikea and giant .
saturdae : todae, shld have training, but... nvm. dun want say wat happen.

nowadays, i seems so distracted durin science lesson, i realli suck at physics, maybe not i suck is i NOT interested in it, therefor i dun pay attention?!?! i dunno... haix. anyway, haix, i just dunno wats wrong with miie, it seems like , i am no longer interested in everything tat happens in school, athena and i went to bubbleteashop and 7-eleven after school on thursdae... haix , it's like , i use to hate it when she mention josiah in front of miie, but now... it seems like watever she mention , i lose interest in it, its like i hack care... i seriousli have no idea where i'm goin... the path in front of miie , to others and miie , is an endless road. everyone excepts miie to just keep goin on... but deep down inside, i am realli scared tat somedae , the " endless " road will eventualli come to an end, by thn... i have no idea how i'm goin to survive.... i can tell i am no longer the old miie , and there's no way , i can become the old miie anymore, i lose interest in wat i used to be veri interested in... i'm realli tired... and i'm not ready to take up responsibility yet... but everyone seems to love to sabotage.... i have no idea how i'm goin to survive living in a world with realistic, every1 wishes tat she lives in a fairytale live, being a princess, being loved by someone they like alot... having everything she desires... but all of this is just simply a dream... all i want is to live in a world full of passion and peacefulness.... is it realli tat hard?!?




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