Wednesday, April 21, 2010

todae i had fun.

hihi. i'm postin again. l0ls. unbelievable. i am watchin itazura na kiss for th 2nd time!!! nice...... anyway, todae we had P.E , had to run for 2.4 . l0ls. hahax. i failed. and ... well... kk... i dun realli knoe how i feel , anyway , yeahh so ... fail , retest lol, no choice. haix. todae , science , so exhausted... i think my soul went to lalaland to relax... wasn't listenin in class... haix... though usualli chemistry is my fav. sub. but just cant pay attention... l0ls. ermm... lifelit, mrs wong nvr come , relief cher. ermm... we did a mind map on violence, then do onli 1 qns of maths , then play true or dare with josiah , miie , athena and jinyao , thn jinyao first. didnt get to ask any qns, thn skip , josiah second , chose dare , l0ls, suppose to dare , go hug esther , jolene or yvonne. but in th end , he chose jolene , l0ls. hahax. =p so evil... thn athena , chose true , ask who eu goin to give ur first kiss to?? l0ls. same person woo.... thn miie , i also got asked the same qns , i also said same person =p thn lance came and join in , he chose true ,thn he say his first kiss gone leh... wonder give who?? l0ls. anyway tons of fun... l0ls. josiah kip pestering miie and athena to find out who is this " same person " l0ls. i gave him a clue. his is smart in MY opinion , but retarded in ATHENA's opinion. he is as skinny as a bamboo pole. l0ls. and the NICKNAME i gave him , has a "A" in the second alphabets , but most imptly , I DIDNT NOT SAY THAT THE "A" IS FOUND IN HIS REAL NAME??l0ls. its onli a NICKNAME... l0ls. thn we had a chinese class test. l0ls. the comprehension open - ended , damn hard lah... dunno wat is the meaning of 鱼雁往返。the somemore ask eu explain the meaning... and it cost 12 MARKS!!!! arhh... sure die till veriii... haix... nvm... hope the project do better to pull th score up =] filmin due next wed. todae go csa house to props, thn end up doin hwk instead l0ls. monday stay backk do filming. =] yeahh!!! l0ls. ermmm.... thn... yeah tats about all... haix. sianx lah. nowadays , kip feelin like slackin l0ls. maybe cas of th influence of athena... hahax. todae i brought strawberry soda.... yummi... tastes nice. feel like buyin again tmr... aiyoyo... we still haven't do geography proposal yet... zzzz... haix... sianx lah... no choice ... must do finish all hwk... kk. dun continue. continue tmr bahhhs. see ya. =] buaiis~!

P.S i purposeli change the font size as it is specialli requested by CCW... l0ls. kk?? big enough?? =]



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