Wednesday, April 14, 2010

todae is sport's dae =]

hiie. todae i sports dae, yesterdae english cher gave us back our english compre paper, had a shock of my life... didnt knoe i can do well =p l0ls. as usual my english sucks but this time i got a A?? l0ls. 26 /30 woww... unbelievable... hahax. nth much , todae class won the best cheer and mascot award. l0ls. sueann , esther , siewhwee and sheryl ran for relay got first from the bottom. but nvm =] at least they had fun =] erm... congrats to siewhwee for getting second... in ... idk?!?! l0ls. josiah got first ... in ... i also dk... =.=" failure lah miie =.= haix. =] feel happi for josiah and siewhwee. congrats again =] its amazing tat tis year i didnt run... hahax. still rmb last year i run is cas josiah said wat: eu vcm , must set a gd example... that keep naggin like a old granny [ no offence josiah =p ] anyway... yeahh , so tats why i joined. that after tat , i dun want run alone... so i drag sheryl along =p hehex. evil miie =p tis year didnt run, cas josiah didnt ask miie to, no lah, jkjk, not cas of tat, just cas... some personal reasons, some one wise , advice miie not to run too much tis year... so ... kk, dun run =] ermm... saw merly and leo the mascots of the YOG, so cute merly =] keep fliping her hair =] kawaii... =] l0ls. ermm... junjue dressed as an ant for our mascot, though we didnt win in th finals. but we won in the level at least =] ermm... nth else... haix. anyway, had tons of fun. =] l0ls. class tee hot pink =.=" dunno why the boys wear dun feel ashamed?!?! l0ls. nvm. anyway the pink is quite nice =] nth else leh, i think so... yupps , ohh yeahh , as usual , everytime collect forms till vomit blood . zzz... >.<

i can no longer wait for eu... ii have to move on no matter wat eu say, i no longer have the time... i'm sorri , but i hope eu understand, tat my patience and tolerance have a limit. i can no longer wait for you to change. i realli hope eu would understand and move on too.... i'm veri sorri. :'(



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