Saturday, March 27, 2010

l0ve is about takin risks...


haixx... i seriousli have no idea wat my mind's think now , mann.... all i wish was for him to ... just notice miie more... dun say sacarstic remarks bout miie in front of his friends?? is it so hard for him?? i dun even get wats Hk thinks either.... why must eu keeep sayin this kind of stuff to think " his " tryin to hurt miie?? why must he do that constantly?? doesnt he knoes he had hurt miie enough?? haixx....
sueann , pam, and sheryl came my house todae to do science brochure. l0ls. had fun. we went to buy bubble tea. miie => strawberry red tea , sheryl => blueberry milk tea , sueann => peach red tea, pam => just normal milk tea =] thn... i also buy CHOCO waffles!!!! yeahh.... CHOCO addicts. =p l0ls. ermm... then did the work. played some games... finish by 5??? but still need paste pictures on mondae?? cas my house no color printer =p sueann and pam come my house again on good fridae. o.0 yeahh =] l0ls. nth much. gtg buaiis~!

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