Monday, April 26, 2010

o.0 nth special todae

hihi. todae went to csa house again to continue with th filmin... o.0 haix. cant believe i did so badli for chinese class test!!! arhh!!!! 65 over 100!!!! zzz... csa got 66 over 100.. better thn miie 1 mark... =[ waaaa.... want cry leh... =[ cant let mummie knoe my results ... i will be dead meat... zzz... ohh yeahhh... now sueann is my gan meiii... =] one more.. =] hehex. todae , homeecon go through open book test. lifelit , did a mind - map on temptation and fire. science , do notes , go through chapter 23. atoms and molecules!!! mY fav. chapter too!!!! yeahh!!! cher give back my test paper , the same class test , minus one mark!!! zzz... 33 over 40... =.=" yeahh . thn ... chinese , cher give free period , so we did our last min maths =p hehex. slacker lah miie. thn, maths , go through a simultaneous qns(es) l0ls. nth muchh... tmr got geography test... why cant it be on thursdae?? waaahhh.... or fridae?? thn i can studie longer mahh... zzz.... thn ... tmr... stay backk do the editing of scenes for the film. haixx... sianx.. todae didnt buy bubble tea... o.0 miracle. hahax. mmm.... tmr no science.. i see.... yeahh... thn maths lesson , ms tan keep complainin leg pain , sore etc. damn funni... thn davin make fun of KH. l0ls. haix. just feel so disappointed with my chinese results. =[ zzzz... maybe i shld change my blog skin one dae?? i dunno if i shld change or not... see first , see got nice one mahh... yeahh... just now still help sueann xxxiaoo mei type her homeecon elearinin out... cas her com cant log her in , but mine can , so she told miie answer , i type in her answer for her... see i so kind. l0ls. as if. =p yuupppi!!! ffound my march holiday the heymaths elearining ws that i printed , so dunnid redo =] yuppi!!! hehex. l0ls. haix.. realli like nth special todae woo... thn kk , i dun post anymore , post more tmr thn... if i have the time ... buaiis~!


P.S dun think eu are smart means eu can anyhow jump to conclusions. eu maybe clever , but eu definiteli have a BAD personality and character. I finalli knew why no one wants to be ur friend & why the class hate eu tat much.

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