Saturday, April 24, 2010

wat does 143 567424 means to miie??

hihi. postin again. todae woke up at 9 am , did some revision on geography , thn help make breakfast. had breakfast, on computer , on9 , onli joshua online bah leh =.=" sianx.... borin.. nth much , surf th net , watch one episode on itazura na kiss episode 19 [ i think ] i simply love th part , kotoko "empty" th book shelf on Naoki. nicee... though mani think it is veri sad... l0ls. i'm weird [ influence by ONE OF MY GAN MEI , ur shld knoe who... ] l0ls. haix... thn went back to study, had lunch , mummie didnt cook . so we ate out. l0ls. athena allow miie say , i finalli knoe wat is " 143 26 25 " I AM SO CLEVER... l0ls. jkjk. i getting a cookie on thursday !!! yupppi!!!hahax. veri boring. doing hwk , tons of hwk w8-ing for miie... haix... buried under th books. still no time link cheewai , relink esther and dongmei , no time go out with cherrie and amelia , no time study with amelia , though she got help miie with my hwk sometimes... haix... so troubled she is , i dun even have th time to hear her cry her heart out??? hear her troubles and problems, i'm such a bad fren, she always hear to miie talk about my problems with my friends and stuff, it just seems like i dun have th time to listen to hers.... haix... kk , todae realli nth much , now rainin.. i love the rain =] kk , buaiis~!

try find out wat 143 567424 means =]




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