Friday, April 23, 2010

went CSA house todae for chinese project.

hihi. if eu notice carefully , eu shld had noticed tat i put a new corner called " Beloved " =] hahax.... anyway... todae cher confirm that some will minus and some will plus. i knoe i will minus and plus... so therefore... i still remain 34... i knoe he doesn't mean it... but... well , idk why , but it seems just so impossible 4 my heart to forgive him?!?!?! dunno lahh.... haix... yeahh , todae IHG , mark worksheets , BORIN!!!! Lifelit , do the " temptation " thingy ... nth much , veri sianx. thn cher let us copy her copy of " Jealousy " l0ls. BORIN also.... thn art , do the composition... i just simply suck at art... KH still say : " aq, eu must help ur husband eu knoe? his art cant make it lah , sure fail dehhh... at home coach him , kk?? " [ somthing like dat , nt so sure. ] i was like : =.=" his NOT my husband... i'm still single... besides , my art cant make it either . L0LS.... thn recess... nth much , CE , talk bout what dental stuff... SUPER DUPER BORIN!!!! todae is so BORIN... is like all fridae is just so BORIN! haix... thn we told a class photo without CSA. =[ so sad.... haix.... thn w8 in school for csa come... thn go her house, do chinese project filmin... Pamela keep forgeting her lines lah , CSA also ... =.=" we like onli take less than half of th scenes... zzz... mondae taking again... haix. hopefulli MUST finish by wednesdae, i dun care... DIE DIE must BEAT JOSIAH"S GROUP!!!! i dun believe we cant do it... nth else... thn we from 1pm - 6pm stay at csa house to do filmin =.= thn i came home , had lunch , studie abit of th geography cas tuesdae got geography class test. chapter 8 , 9 and 10 . MUST DO WELL FOR IT!!!! i dun care , MUST DO WELL FOR IT!!! arhh... study , study and study again!!!! zzz.... hopefulli i can do well.. i just dono why... i realli suckx at geography , i did study , i even study hard and memorise all the information , but i just dun seem to be able to do well in it... just like history and D&T... i suckx at those subjects... hopefulli i do well for mid-year , well enough , for my parents to be proud of miie. though i knoe they will onli be proud of miie , if i can beat josiah... i knoe its impossible , so i just hope i do well enough to be in top 5... ... hopefulli i can do it... afterall , having confidence in urself, stands 50% of possibility in success. =] kk , i go study for my geography test leh , see ya . buaiis~!




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