Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sometime tellin the truth requires lots of courage .

hihi. todae , stayed back for geography test. had chinese paper backk... i got 65 over 100 , csa got 66... had i told eu guys b4?? nvm... anyway , yeahh... after test , look for ms chua to borrow the laptop to do chinese... thn cannot... so we went to csa house to do... sandric and timo.. end up wasting their time , where w8ing for us... in th end ... we dunnid their help =.=" l0ls. thn we do finish everythin, save take veri long , so as we w8 for it to save , i did hwk at their house, at th end , no time , so i went home at 6 , reached home at around 6.45??? L0LS. thn just b4 i left , weiren ask sueann for siewhwee hp no. so we prank him , gave him my no. so ask him call miie =p so evill.... hahax. and mean too... l0ls. in the end , just tell him the real one =p hahax. haix... after everythin tat gone through... i wonder if now's a gd time to put a stop to all th rumors and others?? i wonder when will i be able to let out this secret of mine?? is it realli time now?? i have no idea... maybe i shld just tell out my secret and put a stop to all this... so that we would all nt suffer anymore...
nth else, see ya , buaiis~!


P.S th reason i chose to tell th truth , is to stop all this stuff from hurting any more ppl. it has cause enough damage to mani alreadi... it's time to put a stop to all this...



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