Sunday, May 2, 2010

so long nvr post leh =p

hihi. veri long nvr post lehh.... too busi and too troubled too. haix, it seems like tis year is th most unhealthy year for miie , i seem to keep fallin sick b4 the exams?? i am down with a mild fever and serious cold... zzz.... feel so troubled nowadays, maybe its cas of all the rumors goin on in class tat is troubling miie , my friends... well , except for athena and csa , seems like there's no one else i can talk to about my secrets and relationships problems [ for friends in school ] . why is life always like tis?? ur best best friend , someone always there for eu , to help eu in everythin... can just suddenli have to leave?? maybe i am destinyed to have no close friends around miie ... life was nvr fair , and we have to accept tis fact. i just cant w8 for th exams to be over... thn we can go out with all my besties and finalli have the time to have fun and relax =] haix.. nth much , tmr got no school , more time for miie to study for th exams.... good l0l, kk , i have nth to say , start to plurk again , want the karma to go up!!!!!! zzz.... got to go , buaiis~! post again tmr ?? maybe if my mum allow miie to use th com =p byebye see ya in school on tuesdae =]


P.S i changed my blog skin , is it nice?? PLS COMMENT in the taqq board , if nt nice , thn i will change. thnx =]

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