Saturday, May 8, 2010

tis week is exam period

hi peeps , been a long time since i last posted... well last week and tis comin week is exam period.. cant realli say i am studyin?? but well , nvm... tis year is streamin... really stressed , l0ts of pressure, afterall CT1 i didnt take mani paper , so i must catch up.. besides , i bet with athena , she MUST beat joey for class position and all subject besides maths and mother tongue [ of course ] yeahh.. thn sueann say i must beat josiah =.=" diaoo... zzz... tat means i must beat weikiat?? haix... kind of impossible , so she change to miie must get top 7 in class?? i was like... kk , i try my best... haix... realli stressed up lahh... i want to be a professional slacker like cherrie [ dun think too much , jonathan is NT my bf =.=" ] haix... anyway , tryin focus and study.. nt veri possible , tis year i seem so distracted?? mmm... nvm , update ur on last week's programme :

Mondae: no school??
Tuesdae: nth much , study l0l??
Wednesdae: stay back , study with athena , ask help from ms chua on science
Thursdae: science exam... Damn DIFFICULT!!!! zzzz....
Fridae: lifelit paper 1 and 2 , paper 1 i did argumentative essay , and th letter , paper 2 cant find mani points for the summary. [ peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful . do eu agree??] i put agree. =]
Saturdae: todae l0l. studyin.. zzz...
nth else ... so byebye , see ya on mondae , and gd luck for mondae's maths paper =]




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