Saturday, June 26, 2010

tmr is th last day of sch hols , cant believe it...

hihi. it's been awhile since i posted huh? mmm... nth special to post about tats why... anyway, mmm.... yesterdae , i watch finish "wild child" , todae , i watch finish both legally blonde 1 and 2 . =] niceee.... i recommend "wild child" , similar to legally blondes . =] anyway , cant believe i finish my heymaths and chinese moodle test todae... i was expecting miie to be lazy and push everythin till tmr =p haha. =p anyway , ya... hols is coming to end , sadli... i dun want to go back to school... schoold sucks. have to wake up earli and do tons of hwk... zzz..... haix... tats all , i got to slp earli todae cas tmr still got tuition , so see ya. byebye =]


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