Sunday, June 20, 2010

had tons of fun the whole of last week , so here is wat i did...

hihi . i'm backkk from my trip=] had tons of fun the whole of last week , especialli my sister , she is the most happy one ... cas she get to see my dad again... [ which she has been waiting forward too since end of chinese new year?? hahax. =] anyway... i am goin to update ur on wat i did the whole of last week , hopefulli eu guys dun find it too longwinded and borin to read =] hahax

Day 1 [ mondae , 14/6/10 ]
we woke up at around 6.30 , and leave the house at 7 for th airport. thn we checked in and i even used the com over there to post a short post =] we board th plane at 9.45 and reach there at around 2.30 pm =] finalli we arrived and my sister finalli get to see my dad =] we took wat my parents call a cab but i call it a taxi. [ wats th difference anyway?? ] l0lz. arrival at our hotel , royal pacific . =] thn check in and put down our luggage , took a half an hour rest and unpack everythin. =] by the time we are done , its alreadi 4pm =] so we left for th nearby shoppin mall... though , there is veri crowded and heavily traffic. but it realli is a shoppin paradise for ALL ages... there is tons of street there... i will onli list some:
one of it is full of branded handbags and stuff like: Chanel , Coach , Guess , Gucci , Louis Vuitton , Dior , Fion and mani more... [ btw every street is damn long!!! like endless like dat. can take up to mani days to finish goin every shop in each street =.=]
another one is all those high class cafe and restaurants =.=" l0lz... can tell the thing there are dman ex =.=" zzz.... l0lz.
another one is all the sport brands like : Addidas , Nike , Converse , Karpa , Billabong and mani others... [ too lazy list ] ahh... i knoe , got a shop , damn big one.... my dad spent most of his time inside... ermm... forget the shop name , but one thing i would nvr forget. they sell tons of manchester united stuff... and all those soccer stuff tat i dunno wat are those too =.=" l0lz. damn big , can be the size of my school one of its block , block f , the whole of block f [ include height and length , and i am NT exaggerating... ] l0lz. its realli damn big...
thn we went shoppin at different shop , thn suddenli start to rain , thn my sister also hungry leh , and she say she want eat burger =.=" diaoo.... there got SO mani highclass restaurant she dun want go... want eat burger =.=" zzz... so we ate at burger kind cas mummie dun want eat anymore macs... she sick and tired of it lehh... tis whole holiday , i eat tons of fast food [ macs the most ] thnx to my sis l0lz. gain alot of weight... tryin to lose weight now... too bad , csa nvr see miie. [ gd 4 miie though ] so she would say miie fat again =.='' hahax. =p miss her... she left for canada lehh... thn we continue shoppin .... i even brought a tee espirit one =]
Day 2 [ Tuesdae , 15/6/10 ]
we woke up at 8.30 thn had breakfast and check out. took th 11 am boat to macau. reach at about 12.30 thn check in at hotel , thn left for lunch. tis time we ate japanese food=] yummy... ohh i forgot to mention , miie and my sister get to take turn choose wat to eat. cas we cant choose where to go =.=" our parents choose those and we choose wat to eat l0l. to be fair =] thn we went to ride on some rides. like the boat ride around the hotel and more. thn at night , miie and my sister go shopping while my dad and mummie go into the casino. =] my sis cant go in... under 18. so cant. l0lz. thn afterawhile , we went to ate steak =.=" my sister choose one.... l0lz. thn my dad want go into the casino again. but my mum want go shoppin.... so she left with my sis. leaving miie with my dad. so i am left with 2 choice. 1- go shoppin on my own [ i dun want follow my mum... she always shop for hangbags... or my sis toys and clothes... too borin 4 miie ] 2- go up to the hotel rm for a rest. =.=" but i chose the thrid choice , which my dad didnt agree in the beginning , tat is to follow him in ... but he reluntantli agreed in the end... he jus cant say no to miie =] hehex. =p l0lz. cant believe i can get in... the security didnt say anything... jus take it as i am 18?? when i am not yet even 14 =.=" l0lz. hahax. wow.. its veri big... my dad lose some and won some too... thn we left for th hotel rm , after my dad won back those tat he lose and even earn abit from it =] l0lz. didnt buy anythin tat dae, but sis brought 2 espirit tee and mummie brought a mango tee =]
Day 3 [ wednesdae , 16/6/10 ]
woke up at 9.30 , had breakfast [ rm service ] thn check out and left for hongkong , on boat again =.=" geting sick and my sister even vomitted...l0lz. thn we check in the same hotel as dae 1... but different rm , a much bigger one , tis time =] didnt do anything muchh... still shoppin and shoppin... i brought a pair of sunglasses. dad brought some soccer stuff... l0lz. mummie brought some souveirs and local snacks . sister brought nth =p hahax. l0lz.
Dae 4 [ thursdae . 17/6/10]
woke up at 10.30 , didnt had breakfast , but we immediately went to ocean park. thn we had lunch there. saw some underwater creatures , like sharks , stingray , sea turtles , jellyfishes , starfishes and different types and kind of fishes =] we even saw the dolphin and seal performance. i brought a dolphin necklaces , sister got a penguin softtoy , and mummie got a frame magnets. l0lz. thn we sat on different rides. thrilling ones and none thrilling ones... spent the whole day there...
Dae 5 [ fridae , 18/6/10 ]
check out in the morning after having breakfast and left for disneyland hotel. reach there bout 12.30?? checked in , and left for disneyland... over there got many rides... sat on most of them... first we accompany my sis sit first, sat on the stupid teacup. tat keep spinning round and round and extreme fast speed.... make miie dizzy and feel like vomitting =.=" zzzz... ... and i didnt knoe it was at that fast speed. but i had a feelin my parents knew , tats why they didnt want to ride it with my sis =.=" zzz... thn we sat on the stupid mary go round.... like the name said... it goes round and round... but other mary go round... is at slow speed. but tis , the horse like real horse like dat , at real fast speed. but it keep running fast but straight its ok. but tis goes round and round. no different from the stupid tea pot. =.=" end up the same way. dizzy and nausea. i cant even walk straight! zz... finalli th slow. we sat on the small small world ride. see different countries "kids" [ its actualli dolls ] play with one another. and their traditional stuff... l0lz. thn we took a break and had some snacks. i share with my sis candy floss sweet =] thn we had haagen dazs icecream , i had two different flavours ones. cookies n cream and summer berries. [ different types of berries like : raspberry , strawberry , blueberry etc. ] sister had cookies n cream and strawberry , daddie ahd chocolate milkshake with vanilla icecream which contain a bit of wine, mummie had hot latte with mango cheese cake =] thn we went shoppin for our food to digest. i brought another necklace but its has a mickey mouse head tis time. =] sister brought another softtoy but is stitch , tat alien experiment. mummie brought another shirt for miie and herself. maybe i shld nt but any more shirt , shld change to buying bottoms. cas this hols brought a lot of shirt lehh... thn i got some souveir for my frens too. but nt goin to say wat is it... goin to be a surprise =] hahax. the fireworks performance at night =]
Dae 6 [ saturdae , 19/6/10 ]
woke up at 10.30, had breakfast thn check out of hotel and left for airport , by thn is 1 lehh... thn check in airport , had lunch , do abit of shoppin and restin... thn we went in ... and daddie left to take the train back to his company's hostel. sister thn started cryin ... haixxx.... thn board the plane at 4 , reach singapore at 7.30 , do those admin stuff , by thn 8. took our luggages and take taxi home is alreadi 8.30. bathe and rest... ... tats all =]

had tons of fun... but realli tiring too... but its fun travelling with tour guide cas eu dun have to wake up so earli and whenever eu go shoppin or theme parks and disneyland , go no time limit can play for as long as eu want =] hahax. tats the best part. kk , nw is time for work and to be serious... still got tons of hwk and assessment waiting for miie.... i will take a break again todae... i do them tmr bahh... still veri lazy =p still got who out there tat had nt done his or her holidae hwk too??? or is it onli left with miie?? hahax. nth else. tats all... see ya. byebye =]


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