Tuesday, June 1, 2010

o.0 my fav.chi.romance novel

hihi. veri long nvr post lehh. cas holidae , my life is veri borin nw... supposed to go out with clique todae... but both miie and pamela fall sickk... so didnt go out in th end... haixx.... hope still can go out some other dae =] yeahh , todae , sister got tuition... mummie bring miie go toa payoh... the shop over there.. dunno call wat... there got a veri BIG popular!!!! =] brought 2 new CHINESE novel. of course... romance novels =] i am a big fan of 雪儿's works =] all veri touchin and nicee =] todae , just 2 hrs ago... read another writer's works - 缦彩笺 . her work is veri touchin too.... buttt... the endin.. is realli sadd... maybe its just miie , but everytime , i get realli sensitive when i read or watch a sad endin... just start to cry... ... tis writer's work is called : 《宠物计划训练》. its about tis dog and tis girll... tis dog live in a mountain , it is able to survive is thnx to tis monk tat visits tis dog regularly. one day , tis monk told the dog tat its destiny and future will change after todae, the dog will be kissed thrice by a virgo girl that is "perfect" and " flawless" and will turn into a human being... but he can onli remain as a human being if the girl tat kissed him eventualli fall in l0ve with him , but within a period of time , he cant get the girl to like him , he will fall into deep sleep like the sleeping beauty and can onli awake by the true love kiss... thn... he realli got kissed by a girl... in the beganning... he dun believe in the true love kiss and deep sleep part , and nvr believe in TRUE LOVE. to him , human being are just cold blooded creatures. however , as he spent more time with the girl... he realised tat love is something veri magical... and human being aren't as cold blooded as he thought of... and as time passed , he soon fall in love with this girl that isn't that " perfect" or " flawless" and the best is... she alreadi had someone else she likes. the "dog"- human guy and the " flawless" girl had to go through mani obstacles and troubles with other ppl tat involve th girl's crush , the girl's crush's STEPsister , the school's most popular girl also known as the school's " princess " . and mani other ppl.... eventualli... can they be together?? well... i cant sayy... but like i said earlier... [ which is a VERI BIG HINT!!!! ] tis book had a sad endin... thinkin about it... makes miie feel like cryin... well... tis is a realli gd book , so feel free to borrow it from miie, kk?? =] my rating is 4 and a half over five. the reason for miie nt to give it full marks is becas of its ending naturalli... arhh.... make miie sad again... =[ so... yeahh , tats my comment for the book =] nicee book. best chinese ROMANCE novel , i ever read =] arhh.... spoil my mood off postin.. kk , dun feel like postin lehh... next time got anymore nice novels thn recommend ur bahhh =] kk ... ohh yeahh , btw , ermm .... jus curious , sueann say she wants to be a writer... she thought of wat to write about and the plot , settings , main character etc... same 4 miie , i also suddenli feel like writing a own storybook of mine... of course its in chinese... my english standard still nt so high till can write a book of my own... nt sayin tat my chinese standard high enough.. compared to others... i am still way apart... need lots more improvement... and yeahh , mmm... i know nt every1 can be a writer tats why i need ppl's advice and comments. tell miie how ur feel , kk?? =]
since we are on the topic of romance which naturalli to miie links up to TRUE LOVE... tell eu guys sth...
in the past , i nvr used to believe in true love... to miie , its all jus a fairytale... and to miie , in reality i dun believe in happy ending and " live happily ever after " its all jus nt realistic to miie. even when jordan and amelia can last veri long... its still doesn't occurs to miie , this kind of true love is possible , i also dun believe in soulmate... soulmatee... wat all those kind of stuff... tats wat i used to think... to miie , those girls tat believe in their prince charming , and live happily ever after , are just being too innocent and naive ... and its nvr occurs tat i would ever believe in it one day.... till the day i met him... its jus ... too magical tat moment. well... at tis moment , maybe some of eu might think tat their is a strange feelin between us... however , iff tats realli wat eu guys think... thn eu guys are SO wrongg.... his no one else , but currentli , my gan di , junhong... now currentli , overseas on a holidae trip =] we hardli keep in touch nw... his pretti busi , i can tell ... with studies and his gf [ i think so... the last time , i saw him , he show miie his gf , dunno still 2gether mah?? ] yeahh... he told miie and prove to miie , anythin is possible... nth is impossible... true love do exist for EVERY1... its jus a matter of time... whether eu meet him or her yett... god create man and woman for l0ve. but there is no l0ve if there isn't a guy and a girl... there can't be love without one of themm.... god is fair to every1 , every1 will eventualli meet his or her's true love sooner or later... so patient's is wat we are in need of... of course.. jus sittin there and w8 aren't goin to get eu anything [ for some ppl ] some ppl are fated and destiny for each other... they can tell wat wat their lover is thinkin without having to say or ask anythin... tis kind of couple are wat we call soulmatess.... but some ppl need to expose themself with other ppl and fight for their own love... love is also about taking risks. eu need to be brave and willing to take the risk , nt being afraid to get hurt or anythin. cas even if eu end up gettin hurt , eu wouldnt regret , cas eu know eu had tried to fight for it, but he or she just isn't meant for eu?? and eu will eventallli forget about them and move on with ur life... they jus aren't ur half apple ?? =] i knoe its easy to say thn done... i can understand... cant i myself is a coward... haixxx.... well , tis are jus some of wat he told miie... yaa... so mmm... nth else... so kk , gtg , byebye =] enjoy ur holidaes =] post more some other dae bahhs =] byebye , see ya.




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