Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's obviously over between us...

hihi. todae , i woke up wayy earlier thn usual... he came... nono , shld say . they came... his mum , his sis and him... well , i cant say we have much to talk about... didnt say anythin through out the whole wayy... we met at the mcdonalds , we onli said :
miie: [ shock & smile ] ohh. hi , wat a coincidence.
him: ermm... ya. [ smile back too ] { i can tell his shock too... }
miie: =]
thn his mum , sis and him came my house. didnt say a single thing... his sis and my sis played 2gether.... his mum and my mum talk in the study rm. dunno wat they talkin bout... ya. so i sit on the dinner table there... he sat on the sofa. its a total silence. so i decide to break th silence.... { dunno if i spell silence correctli } ya. so here goes again:
miie: so... so... did ur mum say anythin bout ur results { i knoe its lame... but tats all i would think off. we dun have much to talk bout anymore?? since ..... ya. anyway continuing... }
him: mmm... nt much , at least i am nt grounded [ thn he gave a awkward smile ]
miie: ohh... [ smile backk ] i'm nt grounded ..
him: ohh.... gd 4 eu =] congrats?? { l0lz. wat to congrats about?? }
........ sliences...........
there goes the silence again... so we just keep staring at one another... 4 the rest of the half an hours.... super borin! zzzzz.... ya. thn... mmm... tats all... thn i read my story book. he played his psp?? { jus curious , but is it thn whenever a guy is bored , he start to play his psp?? i realised and observed tat whenever a guy is bored , he shows it by playin his psp?? **** if he even have one**** }
l0lz. i had a feelin mummie knoes wat goin on between miie and jonathan... maybe its nt jonathan who told his mum , but whenever we USED to see each other... we can talk non - stop about practicalli EVERYTHIN?? l0lz. but nw... we are speechless... total silences.... like we are strangers or we are in a awkward situation.... haixx.... anyway , ya , i sort of figure out mummie knew when she keep goin... : anqi , are eu SUREEEE ur fine?? i would nod my head and she would go : eu knoe... nowadays , its pretti common for teenagers to break up?? eu knoe... they are nt veri serious yet in relationship?? and i would nod my head again and put on my earpieces and pretend to nt hear anythin... its SOOOOO obvious , she sort of knew sth?? anyway , i dun care whether she knows about it or NT. it doesnt matter to miie , cas even if i admit to it... she would jus start sayin how stupid i am and stuff... to miie , my hse and family is startin to turn out to be a hotel??? a place for my accommodation?? and for my 3 meals to be full?? tats all... its jus tat simple... and tats plain... no feelins and stuff... life is so borin durin hols. through eu can sleep till veri late... but still.... no plans. nth?? so BORIN!!!!! l0lz. zzz.... startin to watch anime again =] nw RE-watchin Special A. nicee romance comedy anime =] recommend to my gan meii , athena =] dunno if she likes it maybe nt?? cas i dun think she likes romance anime , though i LOVE it =] kk... goin to feed my addiction over storybooks. so ya. byebye. see ya =]




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