Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seriously , I am die-ing from boreness over here...

hey peeps . i'm backk again todae =] the reason 4 miie to post twice todae is simply because , i am bored to death!!! zzz... had dinner lehh. =] jus finish eating my cheese cake. delicious... yummmyyyyy.... =]mmm.... think about makes miie hungry [ beware , i have a VERI BIG appetitie ] yupp , anyway , finish watchin all 10 episodes of the kaichou wa maid-sama. which is currentli airing every fridae.... therefore onli can watch till episode 10... cant stand tis kind of animes... cant they jus show everythin alright.... make ppl wait so long [ beware , i am also a veri impatient person... so if we promise to meet at tis time... dun be late. OR eu will be sorri , though sometimes , i am late too.... hehex. =p ] l0lz. anyway , ya. tis anime is athena recommend dehh.... csa dun want recommend miie leh =[ cas she say everytime she recommend , i would say : eeee..... nt nice =[ where got everytime?? onli sometimes l0l =[ ya..... haix.... life is so borin and plain.... must find some activities to make my holidae life more interestin?? =] ohh dear. still haven't do my holidae hwk =.=" arhya. like even if i rmb i haven't complete , i would strange away do it??? nope , i wouldnt.... i would jus push everythin till the last minute , suffer from it. complain bout it. and do it again. well.... tats miie?? =] hahax. nw i turnin to be like athena. no matter how mani times , i tell myself , to study and do my hwk tmr... the next dae.... the same thing happens. and 4 the next and the next... the same old thing... well , jus simply get used to it ?? hahax. =p l0lz. mmmm.... need some help... peeps, mind recommendin miie some romance anime?? i am serious and desperateli running out of animes!!! arhh.... zzzz..... heellllpppp.... i can die from lack of animes and storybooks [ eu guys shld knoe i am exaggerating... so dun get to serious bout the dieing part , kk?? must pls recommend miie some anime.... { if eu knoe any } plss.... ] thnx =] ya. thn shld be all... mmm.... sooo... see ya. byebye =]




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