Monday, June 14, 2010

at changi airport B7 , terminal 3 =]

hihi. =] guess where i am nw?? hahax. eu might nt be able to guess it... nw at airport using their internet to post =] l0lz. use their internet got timing dehh... 15 minutes onli... zzz.... l0lz. anyway , dun feel veri excited tis time?? dunno why?? hahax. l0lz...
so sianxxx... i hate sitting in the planeee... cas i got air sickness =] l0lzzz.... keep feelings like vomitting , lucky i got eat medcine , so better...
ohh dear...
15 minutes goin up lehh...
kk , thn tis time shall be one of the MOST shortest post bahh =]

P.S dun worri my bff(s) , i MIGHT get sth SMALL 4 ur?? who knoes?? hahax. =]

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