Thursday, May 27, 2010

my mid-year exam results...

hihi. todae got meet th parents session. i didnt go school in the morning , cas i a bit feverish and having a major headache... veri painn... i cant even walk properli... so didnt go school. thn i slept in longer... ate medicine... so better... thn i go school at 10.20++ help slip in result slip into reports books. i didnt do badli neither did i do it well... i dun mind sharing my results... so here they are:

English : 71.1 [ A2 ]
Chinese: 80.6 [ A1 ]
Mathematics: 78 [ A1 ]
Science : 71.3 [ A2 ]
Art : 51.4 [ C6 ]
Home Economics : 79 [ A1 ]
Intergrated Humanities ( geography ) : 67.4 [ B3 ]

Total : 498.8/700
Percentage : 71.3%
Class position : 11/41
Level Position : 20/201
nt tat bad... nw feelin better =]
eu may nt knoe tis... but everytime eu talks to mii3 .... its hurt mii3 on the inside... cas all i rmb is how eu hurt mii3 in th past... everytime eu talk to mii3... i would worri eu might change ur mind all of a subject and start to hate mii3 again... i am worri i would fall in deeper and deeper bit by bit... actualli i didnt change abit at all.... eu are th one who changed...
nth else... so ... tats all... every1 have fun durin ur school holidays =] byebye~


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