Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2 escorts to bring miie home... realli awkward...

hihi. todae is wednesdae , late sch dae. l0lx. slp in later... around 7.45 am thn i woke up... thn had breakfast in sch with pam as usual. thn went to 2e2 classroom to take my stuff so thn can bring u to 4T1 classroom.... thn talk awhile with athena and pamela... nth much , thn we had a fire drill.. hahax. l0lx. thn miss like 15-20 minutes of P.E .. hahax. :P thn we had some small volleyball game... hahax. i keep running AWAY from the ball =p l0lx. athena and pamela damn mad at miie... [ realli , talkin bout volleyball remind miie of times when ... i and amelia will go see jordan and him play basketball , eu can actuallli say those were the happi moments...] science , we had experiment at the lab. D&T nth much too... todae , chinese cher go meetin... so we slack l0l. thn josiah keep sayin stuff tat realli pisses miie off. and stuff that are realli funni too lah hor? mmm.... athena's right? his sensitiveness is 0. l0lx. dunno want to say and wat not to say. haixxx.... ohh , jus great... nth much realli , thn after tat , i help out at the C.I.P sales with athena and weiren , we went round the sch to sell , weiren damn gd at sales , cas he veri thick skin... l0lx. hahax. no offence though WR. thn around 3.30 , i go home changed thn go compass point. thn i brought a bag , thn go popular buy a storybook and borrowed some books in the library. thn... at around 5 , thn i meet up with minhui and took bus to her hse. l0lx. saw some friends there. amelia and jordan came too... naturalli if jordan's around , he will be around too... nt jus tat , jonathan was around too ... =.=" zzz.... they seem to get along realli well?? actualli , onli like a few of us , MinHui , miie , Amelia , Jordan , Jonathan , ZiHeng ,JunHeng, [ btw JunHeng and ZiHeng are twin bro. but they are damn different , JunHeng older. his MinHui's BF. thn he likes black , while ZiHeng is SiYi's BF and he likes white.JunHeng like Basketball , ZiHeng like bowling.. JunHeng HATE to swim , ZiHeng swims alot... l0lx. they are so different? ZiHeng is more of the obedient kind , and JunHeng more naughty kind?? ] SiYi and him... most of the time , They are talkin to their bf? l0lx. Jonathan and him had lots of fun talkin together? cas the seem to enjoy themselves alot? we had some conversation together for awhile... thn nth else , i had dinner there. left with the rest at 7.30++pm... thn Amelia and SiYi got bf to escort... thn MinHui scared miie go home alone? thn its like damn awkward throughout the whole thing.. two escorts jus for miie?? zzz.... cant realli take it... kk , nth else , reach home around 8.20? thn bathe and read some books and nw postin... kk , nth else ... so byebye ,see ya~

a.q :)



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