Tuesday, July 20, 2010

todae one is a late post

heyhey, (: todae is tuesdae , first period is maths... maths got 3 periods l0l! damn borin... nt as in borin , borin... is tat , jus 1 and a half hour of maths... jus too much to take? thn she teach us mensuration ... all the formulas of volume and surface area ...l0lx. thn she gave hwk... thn lifelit also 1 and a half period... thn cher nvr come... got tis new cher relief her classes.... zzz... ppl keep sayin tis is the future sandric. hahax. l0lx. a bit true lah hor? dunno... anyway , ppl keep sayin the strawberry , apple and jackfruit... quite annoying =.=" l0lx. thn got music... pamela finalli get to use the big piano... thn chinese... nth much too... (: quite borin though hahax. l0lx. thn we had lunch with athena , pamela , dongmei and sheryl... thn we do the C.I.P thing... l0lx. thn we took the bus 132 to hougang mall , meet josiah over there.. comics connection there... athena want to buy stuff.. l0lx. thn we go mini toons... i got sth for pamela :) thn josiah got athena $5 worth of mini toons sweet. l0lx. i think athena got too much sugar leh todae... thn i got subway cookies... yummi (: thn we walk to the bus-stop and go home... tats around , 4.45pm. josiah left earlier though... he left around 4 pm to go play basketball with his friends , with JJ , YH , WK , JY and Joshua.. l0lx. thn started to play.. so they onli play awhile , hahax. l0lx. mmm... nth much , got tuition earlier on.. i goin to MinHui hse tmr .... maybe (: see first bahh... cas MinHui might be getting a new dog , so i want go help her see. see first , see if i want go with her , or go with my sis... (: l0lx.nth much... cas todae one is a late post.. so i post till here can leh bahhs? kk , nth else , so ... byebye! see ya~




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