Monday, July 12, 2010

sorri for not postin for a long time... (:

hi guys, i knoe its been a realli long time since i posted but... well no choice mahh... mummie dun allow miie use com tat long lehh... msn got prob? how come cant webcam dehh?? tried to webcam with darling [ my BEST FREN ] and daddie [ as in th real one ] thn cannot... dunno is my own prob or wat... they keep sayin : messenger is not available now. please try again later. ( thn give some weird codes ) =.="l0lx. lets see anything interestin happen last week?? mmm... ya , yongheng ended up with near the dustbin BY HIMSELF... muahhahaha... so evil miie... he's realli annoyin??? l0lx. cant concentrate in class thnx to him =.=" but actualli sitting next to nithin cant let miie concentrate too... dunnno how sherlyn improve [ in terms of studies ] while sittin next to him? l0lx. he keep sayin funni things , make miie laugh non-stop =.=" zzz..... mmm.... anyway , nithin quite innocent and poor thing lahh... keep having to bring new pencil... cas YH keep breaking his pencils and pens too... hahax. :) hahax.... mmm.... nth much lahh... but i pretti much get used to the fact tat sueann migrated and our class beening at lvl 4. =.=" i worry tat 1 month later , i cant get used to it again... haixx... nvm dun worri now... worri later bahh (:
i dunn realli knoe is tis a gd or bad news? we havent talk since b4 sch june hols? and he finalli talked to miie for more thn an hr ON THE PHONE!... :) though the onli reason , he called miie is to ask miie sth , i nvr hope he would ask miie.... i knoe ... i was realli happi to get his call , it realli brighten the rest of my days ... but it realli make miie mad to get his call cas of another girl? and without tis girl... we would nvr end up like tis... is there realli a happi ever after for EVERYONE? or is it onli for fortunate ppl(s) which obvious doesnt include miie? but if eu are realli happi , i am happi for eu too... (: ...
haix... got tons of hwk leh l0l. over the weekends , we got 70 maths qns on quartic eqn. [ dunno hw spell ] gd 4 eu l0l csa , finalli get out of all tis hwk... arhh!!! all tis hwk(S) are killing miie!!!!zzz.... i dun want to do ... but i am left with no choice... zzz.... kk , i go finish my chinese letter writing [ uncompleted from class ] kk , nth else. bbyyyee~

P.S i think i no longer hate eu? idk (:



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