Thursday, July 15, 2010

eu are nt neglected. eu will always be my besties (:

hihi (: i am goin to start off my post with a msg to CSA(: MUST READ KK!!!

i read ur latest post ... well , eu seem to have tons of fun , didnt eu? it's true tat in the beganning , i realli hate the fact tat eu are learning tennis. but eu knoe wat , jus after a few minutes , i TOTALLI agreed tat eu shld learn to play tennis. i didnt wanted to tell eu tat , maybe is cas i am jus still mad at jellygoo? i dunno or maybe its my pride's prob? but eu knoe wat? eu shld realli jus go ahead and do watever eu like (: cas no one can stop eu in doin wat eu realli like to , no one nt even miie [ okayy , maybe someone ( ur parents =p ) ] but realli if ur having fun playin tennis , eu shld jus go ahead and forget about wat we had said... eu knoe... eu say eu sort of free left out. its partially true , we are at different places! our time is COMPLETELI different. we have our own studies , problems in sch and friendship problems? or even class test to worri bout. we seriously dun have much time to communicate with one another like we used to plan... but its not true tat we completeli forgot bout eu. we still talks bout eu often (: honestli we didnt forget bout eu. but we have no choice to neglect eu , dun forget , we cant always stick with eu? i knoe nows a tough time for eu... cas to eu , eu sort of jus settle down in a complete stranger world. i used to be like tis when i came back to SG from USA. my frens are over there... to miie. its realli scary [ cas i was still young =p ] but... are tis would soon be over once eu start sch? wouldnt it? when eu start sch. eu would be so busi with ur own sch works , tests etc. eu might even be too busi talkin to ur friends by thn eu would forget bout us. i can bet with eu ... [ tats if eu want... ] anyway , its not realli true tat ur neglected... (: anyway , gd luck with ur tennis , hope eu have fun . anyway , if eu want to post ur photo , go ahead , kk (: cas i am definiteli VERI interested(:

[ P.S eu can choose to ignore wat i say if eu are still mad with my negative remarks (: sorri , but dun forget eu still got many frens in SG (: { including miie } ]

kk , mmm... where shld i start? hahax, anyway , today we got assembly , as usualli , SUPER DUPER ....................... interestin? and borin? l0lx. anyway , todae , talk bout drug abuse... but its shockin tat it is interesting [ to miie? ] hahax. thn we got IHG... zzzz.... SUPER borin... one of the MOST borin subject =.=" zzz.... thn we got maths... hahax. maths lesson , the time pass veri fast , but when its geog. passes so slow =.=" thn recess. Athena chiong the science notes.... cas science got class tests on cells [ nithin's fav. cells. ] hahax. (: thn i got tons of qns tat i think wrong.... zzz.... dunno wats wrong with miie. i did revise abit... but jus cant seem to rmb wat i studied... forget it , do better nxt round bah (: ya , thn , nithin say lifelit , ms wang nvr come , veri happi can slack and slp . but who knoes got new cher replace ms wang. thn her lesson realli veri interestin (; i like (: but i hate one part... thn readin part. we doin act one scene 3 , bassanio and antonio ask shylock lend them 3 thousand ducats. l0lx. i can still rmb , hahax. unbelievable? l0lx. thn cher ask ppl read. thn the cher sabo one l0l!!!!!! say miie be shylock =.=" thn ask sandric be antonio =.=" worst. josiah be bassanio.... thn they say end up have a triangle. cas of the way we sit in class form a triangle. but tats not the onli triangle they think bout hor. they not tat " innocent" they thinkin bout the relationship kind of triangle =.=" zzzz... why am i so unluckily? always the main pt in rumors =.=" zzz.... hate it. but i got so used to it.. it kind of feel awkward if they stop? hahax. wat the heck am i thinkin? i must be crazy like athena... must had got her germs therefore , got influenced by her =.=" zzz.. l0lx. tmr got D&T pratical and drama... aiyoyo... haixx.... so sad csa nt around. or now she must be happi tat tmr got drama :( btw , csa if eu didnt left yet , eu can win miie in another subject , music. i sucks at tat. pamela pek cek with miie lehh beening my partner =p cas i damn lan? hahax. my left and right hand cant work together... l0lx. thn i cant do the correct fingering and my 4th and 5th finger always press down together... cannot separate and press, see , i damn lan hor? haix... nvm... ohh ya. i havent do my drama journal yet... die lehh... tmr due... kk , i dun post lehh... post tmr maybe cas tmr fri. got time to on9 :) so byebye~


[ C.S-A , i knoe eu like yellow , but i cant use yellow to post ur msg , if nt eu cant see. sorri ]

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