Monday, July 19, 2010

when to MinHui house earlier on...

mmm.... todae , postin for the second time cas i got nth else better to do... just watch finish romantic princess (: nicee... mmm... dunno i read from well , but i think it realli make sense to miie... sometime doing ur best is jus isn't enough , eu need more thn tat. mmm... make sense to eu guys? hahax. l0lx. earlier on went to MinHui house... wow... nice l0l. they jus moved house (: she damn luckily lahh... onli child , got dog somemore... (: hahax. her room damn big... (: hang around her house for quite a long time... i didnt bring my phone , dun want my parents to contact miie... l0lx. i sneak out of my house dehh... [ obviousli without permission lah , if nt wouldnt be called as sneak? ] thn go her house... use her com... she got 2 com , 3 laptops! got 1 is pink in color! (: hahax... at least todae , i did sth special. (: MinHui is one of the friends out of school... also one of my besties , tat helps miie with everything... when i say everythin.. i realli mean everythin... its realli lucky to have a friend like her... (: also thnx to her... everytime i dun have to get grounded even if i sneak out.. =p hehex. (: l0lx. i got so many " happi - faced " in tis post... hahax. kk ... i had fun at MinHui house todae. (: nth else , so byebye (: SeeYa~

a.q :)



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